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This is the ethics prof?

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)–“It’s an opportunity for our students we shouldn’t miss,” Kean University President Dawood Farahai said in reference to a recent professor hired to teach a master’s level class on ethics.

Who is the prestigious professor who will influence future business leaders at this institution of higher education located in Union, N.J.? It is none other than the disgraced and ethically challenged ex-New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey.

For those with short memories, McGreevey resigned from the top spot of New Jersey government in August 2004. The then-governor shocked the world, and his wife, by revealing that he was a “gay American” and that he had engaged in an inappropriate relationship.

The relationship McGreevey had in mind was with Golan Cipel, whom the governor had appointed to as Homeland Security advisor despite the fact Cipel was completely unqualified for the job. Cipel has denied any sexual relationship, but maintains McGreevey sexually harassed him.

In a recently released memoir, McGreevey recounts a life rife with sexual escapades. In graphic detail, the ex-governor tells about numerous homosexual encounters, many with anonymous partners.

McGreevey was able to hide his homosexual behavior from two wives, fathering a child with each.

Dina Matos McGreevey is the woman the ex-governor left for his new openly homosexual lifestyle. In a book that was released titled, “Silent Partner,” she tells her side of the story.

Matos McGreevey recently appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” to promote her book. She told Diane Sawyer that one of things that angered her most is that she could have been exposed to AIDS as a result of his homosexual trysts.

Once, Matos McGreevey says, she was in the hospital for bed rest during her pregnancy. She said McGreevey kissed her and said he loved her. But when he left the hospital he went to their home and engaged in homosexual sex in the couple’s bed.

“Would you have married him if you had known [about his sexual preference]?” Sawyer asked. “Absolutely not,” Matos McGreevey said, shaking her head.

When Sawyer asked Matos McGreevey if she felt sorry for her ex-husband, she replied, “No.” She went on to point out that McGreevey had been married previously and even fathered a child. Even then he was pursuing homosexual sex on the side.

Matos McGreevey said she is still angry that he would deceive her, marry her and have a baby with her.

“What he has done is outrageous,” she said. “After he came out [after his resignation], he said you’re on your own.”

So there you have it: The man Kean University believes is fit to teach a master’s level course on ethics has lived a double life since his teens consisting of numerous homosexual liaisons -– many with anonymous partners.

He fathered children with two women — quite a feat for a man that is not attracted to women. Further, he exposed both wives and their unborn children to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

The new ethics expert at Kean, once the governor of New Jersey, also gave a high level office to a completely unqualified man. The reason for his action, McGreevey told Larry King in a 2006 interview, was he wanted to be close to his lover.

If McGreevey’s ethics class is a hit at Kean, perhaps the university can arrange other celebrities to teach classes in their fields of expertise. How about inviting Elizabeth Taylor to teach a course on marriage? Simon Cowell of “American Idol” fame could teach a course on how to win friends and influence people. Paris Hilton or Britney Spears would be great to instruct a class on modesty. And Jack Kevorkian could teach pre-med students about bedside manner.

The only people that need their heads examined more than Kean University officials will be the students that enroll in McGreevey’s class.
Kelly Boggs is editor of the Louisiana Baptist Message. His column appears each week in Baptist Press.

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