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‘Thud’ on roof among pieces of space shuttle heartbreak

DALLAS (BP)–May Jordan, an east Dallas resident, was in her bedroom when she heard a booming thud on her roof shortly after 8 a.m. Saturday morning, Feb. 1.

Jordan, a member of Northlake Baptist Church in Dallas, is the mother-in-law of Prestonwood Baptist Church’s executive pastor, Mike Buster.

Scared by the noise, Jordan ran outside to see what might have landed on her roof. A next-door neighbor happened to be in her driveway at the time. Jordan asked her neighbor if she could see anything on her roof, and if she had heard the noise.

The neighbor, who had heard the noise but saw no damage, jokingly replied, “Just some big black furry thing.”

Seeing nothing to cause alarm, Jordan went back inside. Her first inkling of what might have caused the noise was when her son called from Oklahoma to see if she had heard about the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Deciding to take a better look outside, Jordan found a slightly bent piece of threaded steel rod about 3 to 4 feet long and one-half inch in diameter in her backyard near the driveway. The police and several Dallas-area television crews arrived shortly to investigate and report. A neighbor who is a pilot indicated he felt the rod could have come from an aircraft.

Jordan left the rod undisturbed, anticipating a call from NASA to provide her with further instructions regarding the possible fragment of the space shuttle.
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