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Anti-pornography initiative to begin national push at SBC; named ‘Join One Million Men’

LAKELAND, Fla. (BP) -- "We're beginning a new sermon series that is scaring me to death," pastor Jay Dennis said on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2008, from the pulpit of First Baptist Church at the Mall.       The series was titled "Sex and the Saint." For six Sundays, Dennis addressed what God says in His Word about sex. His goal: to combat a "stronghold" in the congregation that destroys Christian families and harms teenagers, singles and even children -- the stronghold of sexual sin.

Sexual failure needn’t rule out God’s grace

LAKELAND, Fla. (BP) -- "You are not alone." That expression of hope is often spoken by people like Allen and Bonnie Hicks, a couple now rebuilding their marriage after the brokenness caused, in large part, by Allen's long-term sexual addiction. ...

A marriage torn by betrayal & porn moves to authenticity

LAKELAND, Fla. (BP) -- Bonnie Hicks had known for years something was wrong in her marriage. At times it seemed good. At other times, although Allen was physically present, she felt he was emotionally absent. From time to time she was certain he was having an affair but she lacked proof. In December 2010 the truth was unveiled. Allen, a youth pastor at the time, was caught in an adulterous relationship, which seemed to doom their 22-year marriage. Over time, however, the truth cleared the way for the couple to build an authentic marriage and set Allen on a new path toward freedom from a long-term sexual addiction.

The Hickses are now members of First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland, Fla. The church's senior pastor, Jay Dennis, is leading a movement to battle pornography and sexual addictions among Christian men. Since the "One Million Men" campaign began at Church at the Mall in 2011, Dennis said the church has experienced a new "awareness and openness to deal with those issues."

Vermont: ‘a passion runs through him’

STARKVILLE, Miss. (BP) -- One-hundred-one-year-old Roscoe Anderson recalls that his first chore as a 5-year-old was to follow his father up and down furrows of their farmland, placing one grain of corn in each of his dad's footprints.

Parental wisdom for tech gift giving

GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)–Between returning to school and the Christmas season, kids’ wish-lists are sure to include iPhones, iPads, Xbox, Wii and other tech gadgets. Parental tech adviser Buddy Knight offers 10 suggestions when pondering new technology purchases for kids: 1) Match the gift to the age and maturity level of the child. Ask yourself such […]

Parents urged to protect kids on Internet

GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)--While working at CompUSA to pay his way through seminary, Buddy Knight learned of a grave danger that led to his calling -- equipping technologically challenged parents to protect their tech-savvy kids ...

First Baptist women target broken lives

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (BP)--Pastor Stephen Davis and his wife Jonya prayed for someone to lead a recovery ministry. When God answered, He provided more than they could have asked or thought.

Hurting women find compassion, healing

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (BP)--An atypical group of women gathered for the afternoon in an upscale neighborhood fronting Lake Dardanelle, inside the home of Vickie Henderson, an OB/GYN physician.       From a worldly perspective, the gathering could not be explained -- it would seem there was no common ground for fellowship.       But through the eyes of Christ, they had all things in common. All were sinners, saved by grace, seeking victory over life's "hurts, hang-ups and habits."       Chey, one of the women attending the gathering in Russellville, Ark., had only known demonic turmoil in her 30-plus years of life.       "I can remember drinking alcohol from the age of 4. And I basically raised myself," she said. Her story included repeated cycles of drug, alcohol and sexual addictions, criminal activities and failed attempts to break free of it all. She often sought help in churches but did not find many who would even look her direction.       "Six months ago I would never have imagined that at this moment I would be sitting in this kind of house with these people, sharing my story. That just shows God is good. He's good," Chey marveled, adding, "I don't always know how to act like a lady, and I never know what is going to come out of my mouth. I sat at the table earlier just hoping I was using the right fork!"       Everyone present laughed a knowing laugh. Over half of the women in Henderson's home that day had life stories of pain, brokenness and self-destructive behaviors similar to Chey's. They are now working on healing through a God-orchestrated amalgam of faith-based recovery ministries at First Baptist Church in Russellville, spearheaded mainly by Henderson and two other women, Nelda Alexander and Sheila Lambert.       Alexander operates Bruised Reed Ministries, a home for women yearning to break free from self-destructive behaviors of most any kind. She also directs the church's Celebrate Recovery (CR) ministry and serves as Arkansas' CR state representative.

Builder helps churches enlarge passion

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (BP)--When spring arrives each year, Chris and Dorrine Wurzel pack up their travel trailer and go on mission to construct a new building for a congregation God has led them to help -- this year, Emmanuel Baptist Church ...

Missions for girls continues strong tradition

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BP)--"Make it real and make it relevant, and the best way to do that is 'hands-on'!" Susan Cashion, Girls in Action director at Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock, said of the missions education program that has influenced girls there for 50-plus years.