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A Word From Frank S. Page


Frank S. Page, president of the SBC Executive Committee, presented this report to the EC Cooperative Program Subcommittee during its February 20, 2012, meeting. The report has been edited for length.

The Executive Committee is a small, yet strategic organization which exists for the following tasks.

I believe that one of our most important tasks is quality coordination. This SBC standing committee and its small staff exists to help coordinate efforts with the other entities of our Southern Baptist Convention so that we work together for Kingdom purposes. Part of this coordination is financial in nature, as our finance office provides competent and quality coordination of financial resources which get on the field quickly and with integrity.

Part of the work of the Executive Committee is to provide quality communication. The news agency of the Southern Baptist Convention is housed in this entity as we seek to provide news of what is happening in our world, but at the same time to promote the good things God is doing among Southern Baptists through Christ-like communication.

Part of the work of the Executive Committee is also to provide quality connections and relationships. This is done in a variety of ways. One of the most prominent areas in this coming year will be connecting with various ethnic groups. I have already spent time with the Hispanic Advisory Council as we seek ways to involve our Hispanic brothers and sisters in greater levels of participation in our Convention.

Also, I will soon be attending the first meeting of an African American Advisory Council I have just appointed. I am very excited about working with Dr. Ken Weathersby, who is helping with all of our ethnic groups in raising awareness of and the involvement of ethnic brothers and sisters in Cooperative Program promotion and development. While he is employed by the North American Mission Board, he is helping us at the Executive Committee in this area.

Also, a part of our relationships deals with Cooperative Program development and establishing stronger and deeper relationships with various subgroups within our Convention. We will be presenting a ten-year strategy designed to do this, developed in partnership with state convention leadership, to the Convention in June.

I serve with one of the most brilliant and creative staffs anyone would ever have the privilege to work with. While I consider them smarter and more creative than I am, they are not more passionate about our desire to see the Great Commission accomplished. The Executive Committee will continue to reduce its Cooperative Program allocation so that more will go to reach the nations for Christ. Thank you for your time and for listening to this report.

In Christ, Frank Page


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