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The Sacred Desk
Sermons of the Southern Baptist Convention Presidents

by Ergun Caner & Emir Caner, General Editors

Each year, there is a significant moment in the life of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is an ecclesiologically unique instance when messengers from churches across the land gather in one place and the sitting Southern Baptist Convention president takes the podium and addresses the convention. It is a superbly intense opportunity to address God's people with a call to action and service, repentance and change, and relevancy and mission. The Sacred Desk documents fifty-two of these historic moments.

Published by Broadman & Holman: $29.99


The Religions Next Door
by Marvin Olasky

The Religions Next Door provides insight into the beliefs of four growing religions in America, and challenges the media community to report religion as real news — not as community relations fodder, but as stories of human and theological interest. It will educate readers as to the truth about world religions that the media often misrepresent.

Published by Broadman & Holman: $14.99


Preaching with Passion
by James T. Draper Jr., Editor

Offering ready-made sermons for any preaching occasion, Preaching with Passion features over fifty sermons from various preachers in one magnificent volume. At your fingertips will be sermons that can be used by anyone — laypeople, pastors, part-time preachers — in a wide variety of situations. A free CD-ROM of the entire text of this book is also included.

Published by Broadman & Holman: $24.99


Total Truth
Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity

by Nancy Pearcey

Answers the pressing and unavoidable questions: Does God belong in the public arena of politics, business, law, and education? Or is religion strictly private-personally comforting but publicly irrelevant?

Published by Crossway Books: $19.97 through 12/31/04 (Regular retail: $25)


The Tabernacle Camping with God
by Stephen F. Olford

This book opens modern readers to the world of the children of Israel, helping them to view the Tabernacle as they did. They will see the "tent" in which God camped with His people, revealing His purpose, power, and glory. They will discover that every detail of the Tabernacle points to Christ and will be reminded of the words of Augustine: "The New is in the Old concealed. The Old is by the New revealed."

Published by Kregel Publications: $11.99


The Kingdom of Christ
The New Evangelical Perspective

by Russell D. Moore

In this scholarly work, Russell D. Moore relates the history leading up to the new "Kingdom" consensus among evangelicals from the time theologian Carl F. H. Henry called for it fifty years ago. He examines how this consensus offers a renewed theological foundation for evangelical engagement in the social and political realms.

While evangelical scholars and pastors will be interested in this sharp, insightful book, all evangelicals interested in public policy will find it useful.

Published by Crossway Books: $15.99


Charts on Open Theism and Orthodoxy
by H. Wayne House

Provides charts of the major issues and sources in the Openness of God (Neotheism) discussion. Aiming to be thorough yet concise, Charts on Open Theism and Orthodoxy provides a handy reference guide to the major issues and sources in the debate over Open Theism.

Published by Kregel Publications: $19.99


Standing for Light and Truth
by Adrian Rogers

Dr. Rogers desires people to be brought from darkness into light so that they can understand the truth of God's message through His Son and through the Bible. Though salvation is the ultimate triumph over evil in an individual's life, there are many battles to be fought and won as we cast off the darkness of what life is without Christ. Here is encouragement to continue to grow in conformity to Christ's light and truth. Marked by Dr. Rogers's friendly style and graciousness, these sermons highlight God's solution to the darkness of the world.

Published by Crossway Books: $19.99


Marriage on Trial
The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting

by Glenn T. Stanton & Dr. Bill Maier

Presents concrete, rational reasons why same-sex marriage is or is not a good idea for individuals and communities. Dr. Bill Maier and Glenn T. Stanton, both experts in the fields of psychology and sociology, offer such reasons. Arguing against same-sex marriage and parenting in Marriage on Trial, they draw on current social science research to offer clear and cogent answers to the questions at the center of the debate, including

Published by InterVarsity Press: $15.00

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