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Southern Baptists Taking the Bible Story Online


Scholars from Southern Seminary, Southeastern Seminary, and Union University are prominently featured on a new educational Web site that combats the epidemic of biblical illiteracy.

Known as BibleMesh and set to launch in June, the site features a ninety-minute video overview of the entire biblical storyline along with hundreds of one-page articles and two-minute teaching videos explaining key events, people, and ideas in Scripture. A personalized learning tool helps users memorize Bible facts while a social networking feature allows them to interact.

BibleMesh is published by Emmanuel Kampouris, former chairman and CEO of American Standard.

Mark Coppenger, a member of the BibleMesh editorial team and professor of Christian apologetics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, says the site could fit well into the discipleship program of any Southern Baptist church. He plans to use it at the Chicago-area church he pastors.

"Some of our people at Evanston Baptist Church were in on the beta testing, and we're eager to use BibleMesh to bring newcomers to the faith up to speed on Bible knowledge," he said. "We'll give them a PIN and then encourage them as they work through the course online. And every church has veterans not sure of the difference between the protoevangelion and the parousia, the Herodians and the Hasmoneans. BibleMesh will be a great tool for them, too."

Among the other Southern Baptists to contribute to the project are Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.; IMB missionary Mark Ellis; and numerous Southern Baptist college and seminary professors.

Greg Thornbury, dean of Union's School of Christian Studies serves as theological editor of BibleMesh. He told Christianity Today that the site attempts to remedy the fragmented understanding of Scripture common among many believers.

"The primary selling point is to really teach the Gospel as the biblical story and not just disassociated biographical studies, facts, and events," he said. "That's the idea behind the name BibleMesh — that the biblical understanding of reality is interconnected with the Good News about Jesus."

Thornbury added that pastors can use BibleMesh as a supplement to expository preaching.

"I hope BibleMesh will be [Bible study] curriculum 2.0," he said. "It's an update on what used to be done in Sunday school: taking Christians through the Bible."

BibleMesh will cost approximately $50, and net proceeds will go to a charitable trust for furtherance of the Gospel worldwide. Forthcoming channels on the site will teach church history, biblical Hebrew and Greek, and how the Bible relates to the public square.




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