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FIRST-PERSON: Rescuing resolutions

FARMERSVILLE, Texas (BP) – Last week, I encountered at the SBC annual meeting (not for the first time) the idea that the Southern Baptist Convention ought to do away entirely with the resolutions process. The sentiment is widely held, deeply held and rationally held. The underlying rationale, if I might summarize, is that the resolutions process accomplishes nothing other than causing trouble.

FIRST-PERSON: We can make a difference together

NASHVILLE (BP) – It gives me such joy to see thousands of messengers and churches prioritizing this year’s SBC Annual Meeting on June 15-16, 2021. We are always at our best when we have pastors and laypersons involved in our Convention ministries and annual gatherings.

FIRST-PERSON: The premature death of the SBC?

According to some, especially in the secular media, funeral arrangements are being made for the once lauded Southern Baptist Convention. Mission drift has morphed into personal rancor. Division, distrust and deception seem to be the rule rather than the exception.

FIRST-PERSON: The greatest evangelism initiative of the modern age

DULUTH, Ga. (BP) – The rapid fire of a gun broke the silence, and a vibrant Christian, bleeding from multiple wounds, took his last breath. Islamic militants, angry that the Gospel had taken hold in their village, had gone on a deadly shooting rampage to try to stamp it out.

FIRST-PERSON: Encouragement through a local church connection

LONDON (BP) – My family’s involvement in Church Connections has provided opportunities for mutually beneficial relationships to be formed between our family and Southern Baptist churches.

FIRST-PERSON: Praying for a new college missionary movement

TIGERVILLE, S.C. (BP) -- Historians call the final quarter of the 19th century the Gilded Age, a term originally coined by Mark Twain. It was an era characterized by unprecedented industrialization, spurred on especially by the expansion of the railroad industry. It was the age of tycoons, monopolies, mass immigration, rapid urbanization and significant wealth disparity.

FIRST-PERSON: We must find a way forward together

NASHVILLE (BP) – One of the most difficult challenges of leadership is to rise up and lead people forward together. I know I cannot fix every problem in the Southern Baptist Convention. What I can do is rise beyond my own preferences and desires in order to be part of something greater than myself.

FIRST-PERSON: Pride month calls for a response of joyful truth from Christians

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP) – In case you failed to notice literally every major corporation changing its logo to a rainbow hue, June is now upon us, and that means 30 days of religious-like devotion to the gods of sexuality and identity politics – what our cultural powerbrokers refer to as “Pride” month.

FIRST-PERSON: Deconstructing Deconversion

NASHVILLE (BP) – It has happened again. A prominent “Christian” artist has deconverted from the Christian faith. What is happening?

FIRST-PERSON: An open letter to our Great Commission Baptist family

DULUTH, Ga. (BP) – As we prepare to meet in Nashville for our annual convention, we do so with excitement that we are finally going to be together again physically, but our greater prayer is that we would be more united together spiritually than ever before. With that spirit, we send this letter to you today.