Brett Maragni

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FIRST-PERSON: What the church can learn from the Abercrombie controversy

Abercrombie's CEO says he only wants attractive, thin people shopping in his store. Columnist Brett Maragni reflects on the CEO's comments.

FIRST-PERSON: A football coach, under fire for biblical beliefs

A University of Nebraska football coach is being criticized for his staunch Christians beliefs and his stance against homosexuality, and some even are calling for his removal, says columnist Brett Maragni, who defends the coach.

FIRST-PERSON: Should Tebow tone it down?

Columnist and pastor Brett Maragni weighs in on whether Tim Tebow should talk less about his faith.

FIRST-PERSON: The danger of idols & lionizing the living

Columnist Brett Maragni says the firing of Joe Paterno is a warning against "lionizing the living" and a good example of an often-quoted phrase: Choose dead people for your heroes, because living people can still fail miserably.

FIRST-PERSON: Super Bowl commercials were embarrassing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (BP)--The Super Bowl used to be known for having the most entertaining and creative commercials.

PROFILE: Warner – The player & the person

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (BP)--When it comes to Kurt Warner as a player, his football career has been better than a movie script.