Calvin Miller

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The First Pentecost

"And when the day of Pentecost was fully come …" Pentecost is a day on the church calendar evangelicals rarely acknowledge. I've always wondered why. Each year as it rolls around a scene from the second chapter of Acts always swims in my reverie, calling to mind a rustic Oklahoma tent revival, where I first […]

We Live… As One Born Out Of Due Time

In 1963, workmen, while laying the foundation for the new YMCA in Jerusalem, discovered the skeleton of a man whom they said had a very high forehead and was about 2,000 years old. There are lots of old skeletons about but this particular one came with the implication it might have belonged to Jesus. Unfortunately […]

A Piercing Worldview

Piercing is the order of the day. Piercing is cool. Anything that sticks out (and I mean anything) may be pierced. If it doesn't stick out but can be scrunched up and wrinkled, that too may be pierced. Abs, pecs, lobes, tongues, glutes, and nostrils — anything you can get an alcoholed ice-pick on one […]

My Apologies, from Santa

I wanted to write an apology to you kids that aren't getting anything this Christmas. I know some of you have been waiting for several Christmases for me to stop by and you must be disappointed that I haven't been showing up. The truth is it has nothing to do with whether you have a […]

The Prize Despised

We are a society that has well defined what it would kill for. A tee shirt reads, "Just hand over the chocolate and nobody gets hurt," another "I'd kill to stop gun control." One of my favorite tee shirts reads, "The Nobel Peace Prize — I'd kill for that." But I remain unimpressed as to […]

A Lesson … A Confession

Home schoolers and public schoolers … off with the gloves. Let's shake hands. There are millions of mothers who looked at the slovenly morality and weak A.B.C.s of America's schools and said, "Frankly, I can do it better." And better they did! Their home-schooled children have gone off to college and have done very well. […]

Ted Turner Theology

Reb Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof provides a sound examination of Ted Turner's theology. Tevye confesses that if he were a rich man he could sit with the Rabbi all day long and talk theology. He admits that he wouldn't really know any more than he knew when he was poor, but he boasts, […]

Even Helen Reddy Had A Dad!

The annual time has come to recognize fathers — but it's typically a non-event. Father's Day stands opposite of Christmas and the two days are only separated by six months — but they are miles apart. Every other holiday gets more emphasis … Valentines Day, Halloween, and National Pickle Day. Does anyone really celebrate Dad […]

Bad Mamas

Mother's Day is not a point of celebration for all motherhood. Mother Nature for instance, can sometimes be a wretched mother. Some species eat their young — a horror that few mothers could ever understand. Black widow spiders become widows by eating their male consorts soon after they've fertilized their next generation of spiderlets. It's […]

Easter Iris

"Iris," said God, "It's time to wake up!" And he rapped on her little brown bulb … "Oh, hi there! How are you, God? Is it springtime? It must be! The ground is so wonderf'ly warm! I'd hoped to get up by the middle of March — I'm quite sorry, God, if I've overslept." Then […]