Caroline Anderson*

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God works among persecuted refugees, provides permanent resettlement

Tears streamed down Kara’s* face as she shared with her sewing class that her family declared her dead – disowning her because of her choice to follow Jesus. Her family told her she is “lucky to be so far away.”

Many refugees face more than one journey

Refugees take more than one journey. The more obvious journey is the one they make away from instability and threats of violence and death in search of stability and safety. Another journey is one of trauma, and for many women, it includes domestic and sexual abuse.

Misioneros siguen llevando la antorcha en Tokyo

TOKYO (BP) – Un sacerdote budista conoció a Jesús a través de los cómics japoneses. Un trabajador de la villa olímpica escuchó que es lo que vale más que el oro. Una mujer cristiana que lucha por encontrar una iglesia supo sobre las iglesias a las que puede asistir. Un entrenador de atletismo corrió a contarle a su amigo cómo podía librarse del pecado. Una mujer de 93 años acogió la oración de los misioneros y los cristianos japoneses.

Missionaries continue carrying torch in Tokyo

TOKYO (BP) – A Buddhist priest learned about Jesus through Japanese comics. A worker from the Olympic village heard what is worth more than gold. A Christian woman struggling to find a church learned about ones she can attend. An athletic trainer ran to tell his friend how he could be rid of sin. A 93-year-old woman welcomed prayer from missionaries and Japanese Christians.

Missionaries use Olympic trading pins as bridge to Gospel conversations

TOKYO (BP) – Standing outside train stations, on street corners and in neighborhood squares, IMB missionaries hold signs advertising “Free Pins.” When people stop, missionaries use the “bridge” trading pins to talk about grace, hope, love, community and faith.

IMB fights cruel realities with focus on cities

In 2020, 4.3 billion people lived in cities – that’s 56 percent of the global population. By 2050, it is estimated more than 2 billion people will be added to that number.

New strategies emerge as Japanese churches face future without pastors

TOKYO (BP) – Japan’s population is aging. Almost 30 percent of its population is 65 years old and older. This statistic is affecting church planting, church health and church growth. International Mission Board missionaries and Japanese Christians must answer the question, “Who will lead the next generation of believers?”

Riding the rails at 50 mph, IMB missionaries circle the city in prayer

TOKYO (BP) -- Have you ever been to a prayer meeting that went 50 miles an hour? International Mission Board missionaries in Japan go to one every Tuesday morning.

Manga, cosplay and Olympic trading pins all provide bridge to the Gospel

The Japanese comics, costume play and popular trading pins were all used to share the Gospel this weekend near Shibuya Crossing, a pedestrian crosswalk where as many as 3,000 people cross at one time.

Japanese hunger for hope on the horizon

With the eyes of the world on Japan during the Olympics, the nation is still in the throes of the states of emergency. However, hope is on the horizon in the country known as the land of the rising sun.