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Retired couple champions ministry in Moldova

David and Shannon Brown’s connections in Moldova stretch across time and the nation’s borders.  

Ministering to Ukrainians in ‘the beyond’

Tensions escalated. An imminent invasion was on the horizon. The evacuation of IMB missionaries in Ukraine became imperative. Long-term missionary presence in a country now riddled with machine-gun fire wasn’t possible. So, what does Gospel access in a country entrenched in a war with Russia look like?

Moldovan Baptists take sheets off their beds for Ukrainian refugees

Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Moldova, a small and impoverished nation bordering Ukraine, has received an estimated one refugee for every 25 Moldovans. Most refugees are being housed and cared for by churches in the Moldovan Baptist Union. 

Send Relief leadership visit Romania and Moldova

Send Relief leadership recently traveled to Romania and Moldova to listen to, pray for and determine the needs that each of the nation’s Baptist unions have in their ministry to Ukrainian refugees.

Disaster relief volunteers comfort traumatized refugees; Southern Baptists raise $8M so far

SUCEAVA, Romania – “You are safe.” These were the words a Ukrainian woman, her daughter and an elderly woman needed to hear while waiting for their train. “Breathe in. Breathe out.”

FIRST-PERSON: How two Ukrainian boys personalized the war

Den and Dimi are the same ages as two of my nephews — 2 and 4. They also look and act like my nephews – blond hair, blue eyes, with a childlike joy and the desire to capture the attention of adults. What made these four boys so similar made their differences much harder for my heart to handle.

Southern Baptist response teams overflow with compassion

Overcome with emotion, Iaroslav covered his face and a torrent of tears with one of his hands. His other held a piping-hot cup of coffee. At the border of Romania and Ukraine, Southern Baptist volunteers provided this Ukrainian man from the decimated city of Bucha with a listening ear, a message of love and a prayer for protection.

Digital strategy brings hope to Ukrainians

According to one Ukrainian official, bombs fall every 10 minutes in the city of Mariupol alone. As hearts and buildings are broken, International Mission Board missionaries are providing a digital lifeline for Ukrainians through a Facebook ad developed by missionaries and global partners.

Women in Uganda find escape from brothels and hope for salvation

Women in the slum brothels of Kampala, Uganda, are learning God has not forgotten them, there is hope and redemption in their life stories, and He has given them a new name.