David Jeremiah

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EL CAJON, Calif. (BP) – “Pietàs” – sculptures of Mary grieving over her crucified Son – were so called because of the meaning of pietà in Italian: “compassion.” Other English words for pietà are “mercy, pity, and piety,” all of which are conveyed when one gazes upon Michelangelo’s Pietà.

FIRST-PERSON: Nowhere to Run!

EL CAJON, Calif. (BP) -- Frank Abagnale, a high-school dropout, impersonated a Pan Am pilot and a pediatrician, passed the bar exam, and conned his way into a job in the Louisiana state attorney general’s office -- all before his 2st birthday.

FIRST-PERSON: Big decisions

We need to think of all our decisions as big decisions, David Jeremiah says. Learn to consider every decision as an opportunity to honor God.

FIRST-PERSON: Living a compassionate life

It is clear from Scripture that God expects His children to bring the tears of heaven to earth through the exercise of compassion toward others, David Jeremiah says.

FIRST-PERSON: Make a difference

No matter the circumstances, everyone can make a difference in the world, David Jeremiah says. "Wherever we are, we can be of use if we learn to think of ourselves in terms of servanthood."

FIRST-PERSON: A simple calling

Jesus' life and mission were simple, and He was quick to explain His calling to everyone, David Jeremiah says. "Can you state your mission that simply?"

FIRST-PERSON: The Potter’s Hands

Drawing from the prophet Jeremiah's visit to the potter's house, David Jeremiah says believers can be assured God is "crafting you and me into vessels of honor fit for the Master's use."

FIRST-PERSON: Heart and soul

"When we love," David Jeremiah says, "I mean really, truly love -- we love with our whole self, our entire being. There's no holding back."

FIRST-PERSON: Is doubt reasonable?

Doubt is helpful in the Christian life when it leads to a clarification of truth, but destructive when it leads to disobeying truth, David Jeremiah says.

FIRST-PERSON: Jingle Some Bells

David Jeremiah explores some of the bells common to the Christmas season and how they may "announce the reality of Jesus Christ in our lives."