Deborah P. Brunt

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Evangelist’s 48-state tour aims to aid Crossover Salt Lake City

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. (BP)–During 48 consecutive daysof concerts in each of the 48 contiguous states, musicevangelistPhillip K. Summerford intends to urge Southern Baptists topray for Crossover Salt Lake City. In each church along the 13,000-mile route — beginningwith his home church, Friendship Baptist in Crawfordsville,Ind. — Summerford plans to urge his audience, “Remember those of uswho […]

Appalachian woman gave voice to God’s call to NAMB couple

LOOKOUT, Ky. (BP)–Greg Whitetree knew he was going to say no. He had come this far only because his boss, Bob Jones, had insisted, “At least, go there and look around.” “All right, I’ll go look,” Greg finally agreed. A few days later, Bob and Greg and his wife, Alice, took the interstate southeast from […]

Despite his ‘locked-in syndrome,’ he affirms ‘God wants to use me’

ANDERSON, Ind. (BP)–If you were to see them somewhere in public, you would notice the wheelchair first. Ed sits in it. Until recently, he wore a strap attached to a headrest and circling his forehead. The strap helped him keep his head up.Robin pushes the chair. She also carries Libby, who just turned 1 year […]

She imparts purpose, vibrance to neglected church libraries

INDIANAPOLIS (BP)--When Wilma Preissler enters an Indianapolis church carrying her little black bag, she's not responding to a medical emergency. After 35 years as a registered nurse, Preissler is pursuing a new calling -- one that led to a key award from the 2,000-member National Church and Synagogue Library Association last year.

Conferences, magazine, software among church library resources

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--At a book fair to kick off a new church media ministry, workers were creating and issuing library cards.