Doug Carlson

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Leland House: A Beacon on Capitol Hill

    In the year 1891, much of what we would now recognize as Washington, DC, was just beginning to take shape. The District of Columbia’s transportation hub, Union Station, would not officially open for another seventeen years. Ground-breaking for the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials was still decades away. The cornerstone of the US Supreme […]

ANALYSIS: Feds’ ‘blind eye’ to obscenity

WASHINGTON (BP) — Health officials warned Americans back in 2009 of the possibility of a major outbreak of the potentially deadly swine flu and President Obama declared it a national emergency. But another pandemic, one less discussed yet more destructive, has infected lives in every city, every community and perhaps nearly every church. Call it […]

Online poker gambling could be legalized

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Predictably, the news cycles these days have been largely consumed with the unpredictable -- the outcome of the 2012 presidential election and the future of the institution of marriage.

ANALYSIS: Domestic violence act has problems

WASHINGTON (BP) — One of the age-old tricks of the legislating trade is to name legislation with a title that sounds either catchy or simply too good to oppose. Naturally, lawmakers invoke this tactic on both helpful and harmful bills alike. Such is the case with a deceptive domestic violence bill presently under consideration. This […]

Baseball season begins with tobacco curb

WASHINGTON (BP) — America’s favorite pastime has returned for another season. The Major League Baseball tradition, with peanuts and crackerjacks inseparably entwined with it, is as American as apple pie. But when fans pass through the turnstiles of Major League ballparks or tune in to watch their favorite team this season, they may notice the […]

ANALYSIS: China’s barbaric one-child policy

WASHINGTON (BP)–“Cruel and barbaric,” one congressman called it. “Insidious,” said a woman personally victimized by the policy. My “life was destroyed by this policy,” added a second victim, representing a chorus of untold others. Such were the testimonies, grim and heart-wrenching, heard Thursday in a House subcommittee hearing entitled “China’s One-Child Policy: The Government’s Massive […]

FIRST-PERSON: The persecuted church & the distracted church

Columnist Doug Carlson, who went on a trip to Central Asia recently, compares the faith and commitment of persecuted Christians overseas to the faith and commitment of the American church.

FIRST-PERSON: Planned Parenthood on the defensive

Planned Parenthood should not be permitted to explain away serious charges against it in sound bites or press releases, says columnist Doug Carlson.

ANALYSIS: Debt limit raise hits House ceiling

Editor’s note: This is an analysis of the debt debate by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s Washington D.C. office WASHINGTON (BP)–Tuesday evening, after the closing bell on Wall Street had rung for the day, the House voted on President Obama’s plan to raise the debt limit by $2.4 trillion without requiring any spending cuts. […]

FIRST-PERSON: A (bad) marriage made in D.C.

WASHINGTON (BP)--More than 400,000 residents of the nation's capital are eligible to exercise their right to vote -- but not on marriage.