Ginger Plowman

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Dangerous denial

OPELIKA, Ala. (BP)--My husband's face turned pasty white and he began to sweat profusely. His trembling hands gripped the corners of the linen-clothed table in the center of the elegant, gourmet restaurant.

Talking so your children will listen

OPELIKA, Ala. (BP)--Do you ever get the feeling that your children aren't listening to your instructions? You have just offered an ocean of wise counsel but your little sailor seems to be floating in an entirely different sea.

FIRST-PERSON: The love of a mother

OPELIKA, Ala. (BP)--Mothers. If Webster had given it more thought, surely he would have defined the word “mother” as, “The most dependable source of honesty known to man.”

FIRST-PERSON: Finding joy in grief

OPELIKA, Ala. (BP)--When I answered my cell phone the voice on the other end didn’t sound human. I could not decipher who it was. “Calm down and speak slowly,” I repeated to no avail.

FIRST-PERSON: A leap of faith

OPELIKA, Ala. (BP)--Nausea swelled in my gut as I watched her tiny legs climb the 150-foot staircase. Why anyone would want to experience falling through the sky only to be yanked back up into the air by a bungee cord -- just before splattering all over the concrete -- is beyond me. Everyone enjoys a good thrill ride from time to time, but bungee jumping, in my opinion, is taking it a bit too far. Especially when the thrill-seeker is my eight-year-old daughter, Alex.

FIRST-PERSON: How to have great friends

OPELIKA, Ala. (BP)--If I could only use two words to define my friend Paula, they would be “southern” and “southern.” Paula recently traveled with me to the West Coast, bringing with her all of the charming lingo that separates Alabama from the rest of our country. Paula doesn’t assume, she “reckons.” She doesn’t laugh, she “gets tickled.” She doesn’t get angry, she gets “mad as fire.”

FIRST-PERSON: The real thing

OPELIKA, Ala. (BP)--I should have known something was up by the black blanket draped over the merchandise.

FIRST-PERSON: The gate to eternity

OPELIKA, Ala. (BP)--When asked, “Are you a Christian?” most Americans will say, “Yes.” According to statistics, most Americans believe in God and think they will go to heaven when they die.

FIRST-PERSON: Non-Christians: Friends or foes?

OPELIKA, Ala. (BP)--I recently heard a young man preach a sermon on the importance of sharing the Gospel. His philosophy was that as long as Christians are obeying God by witnessing to the lost, they should not care whether the lost accept Christ.

FIRST-PERSON: One sick puppy

OPELIKA, Ala. (BP)--With chocolate brown Bambi eyes and a fun-loving personality, Mickey Plowman holds a very special place in my heart.