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EXPLAINER: 5 things Christians should know about Ramadan

Imagine fasting for 28 days. No food or drink during daylight hours. It’s about more than testing your willpower. Your social standing and status with God depend on how well you do with this task. For Muslims around the world, this is their reality for the next month. This year, Ramadan starts on the evening […]

IMB 2022 year in review: Together, we reach the nations

Over and over, the International Mission Board sees examples of Southern Baptists coming together to take the gospel to every nation. The cooperative efforts have never shone brighter than this year. Churches set a record with their generous giving. The Lottie Moon offering was the largest in the 177-yearhistory of the IMB with $203.7 million.

WEEK OF PRAYER: God’s purpose to conquer lostness

The big outreach event was almost here. Plans had been made and prayer supporters engaged. South Asian believer Abel was leading the efforts for a widespread gospel outreach to a largely unreached district. But COVID-19 disrupted the plans. Transportation to the region shut down and the event had to be cancelled.

WEEK OF PRAYER: God’s work through global missionary partners

On another sunny day in northern Uganda, Hector steps into the river and turns to extend his hand to Oketa Robert, a new believer. Oketa Robert walks into the water, ready to take the next step of faith and be baptized. He

WEEK OF PRAYER: God’s impact among the diaspora

Bibles lay open amid the food wrappers on the fast-food restaurant table. The two men sat quietly discussing a key concept in Christianity — Jesus rising from the dead.

WEEK OF PRAYER: God’s influence in global cities

Everyone in the small church wondered if the baptism was ever going to happen. In this Central Asian city visited by thousands of tourists each year, the delays kept stacking up.

WEEK OF PRAYER: God’s healing among refugees

Olga wanted to go to church for years, but her husband forbade it. He didn’t believe in God and didn’t want his family dabbling in a faith he understood to be false.

WEEK OF PRAYER: God’s ministry through students

Across the 2,000 inhabited islands of more than 7,600 that make up the Philippines, is a vast spiritual darkness. People are not only trapped by the islands, but trapped in their sin — separated from God because many have not yet heard the life-saving Gospel.

WEEK OF PRAYER: God’s reach through health care

Word spread quickly in this North African town. A medical clinic arrived, and anyone is welcome. Setting up in a local church gave some people pause, but free health care is hard to turn down.

WEEK OF PRAYER: God’s purpose to conquer lostness

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and everything in them. And it was good, until it wasn’t.

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