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Egyptian academics’ conference discusses ‘demise of Israel’

JERUSALEM (BP)--Israel has responded coolly to a conference of Egyptian academics and intellectuals in mid-June to discuss the eradication of the Jewish state, according to a report by CNSNews.com.

Terror attack ‘crossed a watershed’; Israel steps up military reaction

JERUSALEM (BP)--The June 18 deadly suicide bombing that claimed 19 lives in Jerusalem has prompted the Israeli government to seize Palestinian Authority-controlled land, a senior Israel diplomat said June 19, CNSNews.com reported.

Bethlehem standoff ends as Palestinians exit church

JERUSALEM (BP)--One by one, Palestinian militants and civilians filed out of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem on May 10, ending the 39-day standoff at the church that was built on the spot where Christians believe Jesus was born, CNSNews.com reported.

US pressure on Israel allows Arafat to go free

JERUSALEM (BP)--U.S. and British officials on Monday were working out the details for an American-British plan that may allow Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat to leave his Ramallah compound, where he's been confined to a single floor of his office for more than a month, CNSNews.com reported.

If Bethlehem negotiations fail, Israelis to weigh military option

BETHLEHEM (BP)--Israel would consider using a military option to remove terrorists and hostages from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem if negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority fail to resolve the standoff crisis there, CNSNews.com reported an Israeli army spokesman saying April 26 in Bethlehem.

Israel puts cooperation on hold for U.N. fact-finding commission

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Calling home
An Israeli reserve soldier calls home amid the pullout from the Jenin refugee camp, site of intense battles in Israeli's effort to end the wave of Palestinian suicide bombers. The Jenin struggle now is the focus of a contested United Nations probe. Photo courtesy of Israeli Defense Forces

JERUSALEM (BP)--Israel has temporarily withdrawn its participation in a United Nations fact-finding commission, which plans to investigate the Israeli-Palestinian clash in the Jenin refugee camp. Israel was not clear on what the U.N. committee's mission would be, an Israeli official said April 24.

Powell leaves Mideast unable to achieve ceasefire result

JERUSALEM (BP)--Secretary of State Colin Powell wrapped up his Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire mission somewhat empty-handed on April 17, saying the term "ceasefire" was "not relevant" at this time, CNSNews.com reported.

Israelis mark their independence amid tensions with Palestinians

JERUSALEM (BP)--Traffic and all other activity came to a standstill for two minutes on April 16 as Israelis paused to honor the memory of their dead, CNSNews.com's Jerusalem bureau reported.

Latest terror proves need for Israeli military operation, official says

JERUSALEM (BP)--At least eight people were killed and 14 wounded when a suicide bomber caused an explosion on an Israeli bus outside Haifa during the morning rush hour April 10, CNSNews.com reported.

Islamic group won’t compromise on Nazareth mosque construction

JERUSALEM (BP)--President Bush and Pope John Paul II should mind their own business regarding the construction of a controversial mosque in Nazareth or there could be trouble there, the city's deputy mayor said Jan. 15, CNSNews.com reported.