Kathy Ferguson Litton

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Being Fit for All the Right Reasons

Let’s talk about a touchy issue on which people demonstrate dramatic excesses. Some obsess and fixate on this topic, while others ignore and reject it entirely.

FIRST-PERSON: Adjusting to the dark

A tragic auto accident left Kathy Litton a 45-year-widow in "a season of worshipping in the dark." She nevertheless experienced God's grace, noting, "He is still the God you knew in the light."

FIRST-PERSON: Being fit for all the right reasons

Health and fitness entail obedience to God, not trendy eating fads, Kathy Litton writes, noting, "Our choices, behaviors and mindset say something to a watching world."

FIRST-PERSON: What spiritual maturity looks like

Women's leader Kathy Litton, writing on spiritual maturity, recounts lessons she has learned over the years. "The living nature of the Word of God grows more staggering," she writes. "There is delight in its piercing and wonder in its power."

CHRISTMAS: When family is far away

SARALAND, Ala. (BP) -- My late husband Rick Ferguson received a letter from a noted leader in Denver in November 1990 urging him to consider moving from our home state of Missouri to Colorado. In the letter he used this phrase from Acts 16, language from the apostle Paul's vision, "Come over to Macedonia to help us." And we like Paul concluded "that the Lord had called us to preach the gospel to them" and we went.

MOTHER’S DAY: What love does for your wife

As you live with your wife in a climate of understanding, your love will be demonstrative and tangible, says Kathy Ferguson Litton, a pastor's wife and North American Mission Board ministry consultant.

FIRST-PERSON: 24-hour surveillance

Kathy Litton reflects on the challenges -- and spiritual benefits -- of being a pastor's wife: "I get to put the Gospel on display," she writes. "And I am made accountable."

FIRST-PERSON: What my love does for my husband

Pastor's wife Kathy Litton lists several ways that her love for her husband gives him courage and support amid the fears and self-doubt he may experience at times.

FIRST-PERSON: Thankful for grace

Kathy Ferguson Litton, the North American Mission Board's national consultant for ministry to pastors' wives, writes about her thankfulness for God's grace.