Ken Connor

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FIRST-PERSON: The bondage of debt

In the Old Testament book of Proverbs, King Solomon details the differences in thought, word and deed between a wise man and a fool. It's clear, however, that the danger of debt is something a majority of the American people -- including members of Congress and our president -- have yet to take seriously.

FIRST-PERSON: Health care & moral schizophrenia

WASHINGTON (BP)--House Democrats are celebrating a first-round victory in the battle to nationalize America's health care system ...

FIRST-PERSON: ‘Obamacare’ may be hazardous to the unborn

WASHINGTON (BP)--President Obama attempted to allay the concerns of pro-life advocates during his address to Congress by assuring Americans that federal funding for abortion will not be included in "his" health care reform plan.

FIRST-PERSON: Christian charity: Good News in hard times

WASHINGTON (BP)--Despite some encouraging signs of recovery, many people are still struggling in the wake of the current economic crisis.

FIRST PERSON: Bread and circuses: America’s cult of celebrity

WASHINGTON (BP)--Two weeks ago, in the midst of President Obama's efforts to push unprecedented expansions of federal regulatory authority through Congress ...

Science without limits

LEESBURG, Va. (BP)--On March 9 President Obama issued an executive order removing the restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research instituted by former President Bush.

Attention Wal-Mart shoppers

LEESBURG, Va. (BP)--If actions speak louder than words, what do recent events at a New York state Wal-Mart say about the state of American culture?

Still a long way to go for equality

LEESBURG, Va. (BP)--The election of the first African-American president of the United States was a great moment in American history.

Vote — it’s your right & responsibility

LEESBURG, Va. (BP)--On Tuesday, we will choose the next leader of our country. No election in recent memory has been this important, publicized and controversial.

Deadly intentions

LEESBURG, Va. (BP)--The poison peddled by the euthanasia movement here in the United States continues to take its toll.