Larry Burkett

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FIRST PERSON: Tithing when your spouse objects

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)--What can you do if your spouse doesn't want to tithe and you do? This isn't an unusual situation. After all, in light of today's roller coaster economy, don't we need every last dollar just to survive?

FIRST-PERSON: Money: Do you know what it really is?

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)--What's money? Are you kidding? Everyone knows what money is, don't they? Sure. It's that green paper stuff you hand over to someone else in exchange for a meal, or a new blouse, or maybe to pay rent on your apartment.

FIRST-PERSON: What’s wrong with borrowing?

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)--Doesn't the Bible say, "Neither a borrower nor a lender be"? Well, that might be good common sense, but it's not from God's Word; Benjamin Franklin said it in Poor Richard's Almanac.

FIRST-PERSON: Planning for the future

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)--God's Word does not promise (or even suggest) that He is going to satisfy every whim and desire we might have. But He does promise to meet our needs and then provide an abundance so that we can help others.

FIRST-PERSON: America, God has shed His grace on thee

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)--There is no greater interference with a Christian's ability to serve God than the need to earn, in order to pay and buy.

FIRST-PERSON: Who me? A widow?

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)--Most people don't like to discuss death, so they delay talking about it until it's too late. Yet, if more widows in the church would speak up about some of their problems, other women probably would become more motivated to deal with the possibility of being widowed.

FIRST-PERSON: Beating the unemployment blues

Because of world conditions, it's not unusual these days for people to feel as if they're on a fast moving merry-go-round and that the control handle has malfunctioned. Some people struggle with issues of unemployment and fears, resulting from an unstable investment economy. Others dread the cloud of uncertainty, resulting from the threats of war.

FIRST-PERSON: Should you give til it hurts?

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)--God selects only a few to receive and dispose of large amounts of his resources. Nevertheless, Jesus made a promise to any Christian who will apply it: "Give and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure -- pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return" (Luke 6:38).

FIRST-PERSON: 10 tax mistakes

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)--Most taxpayers submit tax returns or extension applications by April 15, but not all taxpayers submit error-free tax returns. Thirty-five percent of all personal tax returns have at least one mistake with a negative impact, and 17 percent have at least one mistake that affects the taxpayer positively.

FIRST-PERSON: Financial adjustments in a post-9/11 world

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)--As a result of world conditions today, the financial dreams of many have been impacted by the decline in the value of their IRAs and mutual funds. Many who planned on early retirement now wonder whether they might have to work until they're 70 or older. Others face the prospect of being unable to help their kids with college costs as much as they had once hoped they could.