Lori McDaniel

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FIRST-PERSON: The blessings of a portable church

"No labor was ever more fulfilling," Lori McDaniel writes, than being part of a "church-in-a-trailer" in a school for five years. Now that the church has its own building, she writes, it's "just a toolbox," like the school, for believers in sharing the Gospel.

What Lottie Moon taught me about injustice, Gospel

RICHMOND (BP) -- I've met injustice face to face. She was a trafficked woman who stood beside me at a train station in Asia, her pimp glaring from a few feet away. Everything within me wanted to grab her hand and rescue her. But our conversation ended abruptly, and I don't know where she is today. I heard injustice cry out on the edge of an African village as 10-year-old girls were "circumcised" as part of a village tradition. The village women sang in celebration, and my heart split between anger and compassion. The need for justice and the Gospel weighed heavy on my soul.

VETERANS DAY: What my son taught me about freedom

EDITOR'S NOTE: Veterans Day is Nov. 11. BENTONVILLE, Ark. (BP) -- My perspective on "patriotic" holidays has changed since my oldest son joined the Army. As a ninth-grader Caleb told me he wanted to go to West Point. As a mom, I heard his big dream as if he were still the 8-year old boy who in a basketball game handed the ball to the opposing team because "they hadn't had a turn yet." His determination became reality last year as he graduated with an international relations degree from the United States Military Academy and was commissioned ...

FIRST-PERSON: Open your home, open your heart

Opening your home is one way to create space in your heart for learning to love cross-culturally, Lori McDaniel writes. Many internationals living in the U.S. want an American friend, she notes. "Statistically, few have found them."

FIRST-PERSON: God’s mission & women’s ministry

Hearing 15 Asian women tell about sharing the Gospel in their villages fuels Lori McDaniel suggestions for ways to "daringly use our women's gatherings within church walls to equip women to live out the Gospel beyond the church walls."

Lottie Moon — The rebel I want to be

"Whether you're already familiar with her story or this is your first introduction," Lori McDaniel writes of legendary missionary Lottie Moon, "you'll find that her somewhat terse language flows from a contagious, tenacious heart for God's mission."

FIRST-PERSON: When you’re the oldest in the room

A pastor's wife relays lessons from the day when "I realized I was the oldest in the room." No matter how old, Lori McDaniel reminds, "The value of your life experience is incredible."

FIRST-PERSON: When you’re the oldest in the room

Pastor's wife Lori McDaniel reflects on realizing she was a decade older than other moms. "I still thought in terms of 'What am I going to do with my life?' not 'What DID I do with my life?'"