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Does God know the future?
An overview of open theism

EDITORS' NOTE: The following series of articles by theologian Mark Rathel of The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville, Fla., summarizes the tenets of open theism, which denies God's exhaustive knowledge of the future. Although not currently a major issue among Southern Baptists, open theism is gaining ground among some evangelicals.

Rathel's theological essays, while irenic and fair, should leave no doubt with Baptist Press readers that open theism is a theology that must be rejected as unbiblical and harmful to believers.

This series originally ran in the Florida Baptist Witness.

GRACEVILLE, Fla. (BP)--"Open theism" is an energetic, controversial topic in evangelicalism today that has captured the appeal of a significant segment of the evangelical culture to the point that major evangelical publishers enthusiastically publish books authored by open theists.

Why open theism is not merely an academic debate

GRACEVILLE, Fla. (BP)--Why should all Christians of all walks of life be concerned about open theism? Are the arguments for and against open theism an example of "much ado about nothing" -- an issue only relevant to "ivory tower" academicians? What are the implications of open theism for practical discipleship?

Is open theism consistent with biblical Christianity?

GRACEVILLE, Fla. (BP)--The advocates of open theism are self-professed evangelicals affirming the inerrancy and authority of Scripture. Clark Pinnock and John Sanders hold membership in the Evangelical Theological Society, an important scholarly organization committed to the inerrancy of Scripture. Gregory Boyd is, as far as I know, committed to the inerrancy of Scripture.