Stella McMillian

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South Korean church plant finds home

SEOUL (BP) -- While Stuart Robinson, an IMB missionary in Seoul, South Korea, was walking in his neighborhood one day, something new caught his eye. In the window of a café there was a small sign: "Closed on the Lord's day." Robinson was immediately curious. Though South Korea has had a great harvest of believers in recent decades, it isn't common to see such a clear expression of faith from a business owner. He ducked inside.

Gospel spreads among truck drivers in West Africa

WEST AFRICA (BP) -- In West Africa, truck driving is a dangerous and stressful job. Drivers face job insecurity, the threat of being robbed, extortion from corrupt policemen, and cultural and linguistic barriers as they cross borders taking imports from the coast to landlocked countries farther east. So when Christians offered to pray for Ahmed* one day as he prepared to leave the port and transport his next load, he didn't mind, even though he was Muslim. As he continued on his route, he was amazed that the police never harassed him, just as the Christians had prayed.

Believers in East Asia grow in faith during coronavirus outbreak

EAST ASIA (BP) -- Normally, there wouldn't be anything noteworthy about Jane* and her family having other local believers over for dinner. But recently, life has been anything but normal. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread throughout East Asia and other parts of the world, many cities including Jane's have imposed restrictions on travel and suspended group gatherings, making fellowship and community difficult.

East Asian college student discovers Gospel

EAST ASIA (BP) -- Statistics put the number of university students in East Asia in the tens of millions. When students in East Asia move to a city to go to college, many are able to hear the Gospel for the first time ever. Living in a small town with a Buddhist mother and an atheist father, Karen* had never met a Christian until she moved to the city where a Southern Baptist worker served. Still today, no one in her family shares her faith, and she doesn't know any other believers in her hometown.