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Hope for the future seen as fishermen in India work to repair nets trashed in tsunami

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Starting again
BStarting again For this Indian fisherman, it’s time to start working again. His nets were caught in tsunami waves and tangled beyond use, but he’s determined to straighten them out and begin earning his living. Slowly, survivors of the Dec. 26 tsunami are trying to regain their livelihoods and their future. Photo by Rajkumar Doss
CHENNAI, India (BP)--When the waters receded, their livelihood was gone, along with homes and sometimes loved ones. But one by one, fishermen are returning to the beach to try and salvage their nets –- and their future.
      Most had fled the aftermath of the Dec. 26 killer tsunami, leaving everything behind.
      "It was eerie,” said Rajkumar Doss. “Where there were once thousands of people, there was now no one. The towns and villages along the south coast were completely empty -– destroyed. Village after village, no one was around. Everyone fled to the camps where they could get food, shelter and water. They wanted to escape the horror and impending disease of so many bodies lying around their now destroyed homes and workplaces.”