Tamara Quintana

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Winterize your walk

DALLAS (BP)--Fall is here, but winter is just around the corner. Do you find it difficult to maintain your walking routine in the winter months?

Preventive care begins with you

DALLAS (BP)--We hear a lot these days about rising health care costs. I know when I see a bill from my doctor, I'm sure glad I have health insurance.

Taking the stress out of stress

DALLAS (BP)--You don't need to take a "stress test" to see if you have it. We all have it. Stress is a normal part of life. It's what motivates us to take action.

Making your pocketbook sick

DALLAS (BP)--Unhealthy lifestyle choices can reduce your quality of life, but they can also drain your bank account.

About those prescription meds …

DALLAS (BP)--Nearly half of all Americans take at least one maintenance prescription drug, but studies show that changes to lifestyle -- especially diet and exercise -- can improve some conditions to the point of eliminating the need for prescriptions.

Busting the top four food myths

DALLAS (BP)--Have you noticed how complicated food is these days? Trying to select an item in a grocery store or restaurant can prove to be quite a head-scratching experience, especially if you are trying to choose a healthier option.

The truth about trans fats

DALLAS (BP)--Checking the nutrition labels on food packaging is an important tool in determining the nutritional value of what we eat. But it's not always easy deciphering those charts with their fine print, percentages and abbreviations.

Care for the caregiver

DALLAS (BP)--No one likes to be labeled, but I am of the Baby Boomer Generation, born from 1946 to 1964. (You can just assume I am really close to the 1964 end of the spectrum.)

Medical information, at home

      DALLAS (BP)--While watching reruns of "Little House on the Prairie" one Saturday, I was once again reminded of how far we have come with medical technology. We’ve gone from waiting for the doctor to make a house call to being able to locate medical information online.

Safe fun in the summer sun

DALLAS (BP)--Summer is a great time of year to spend time with friends and family enjoying picnics, camping, swimming, sports and other outdoor activities. Knowing how to stay safe can keep summertime activities fun.