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80-year-old woman finds faith as Houston church gives aid

HOUSTON (BP)–One poignant story of how God can use any situation for good involved an 80-year-old woman who came to know the Lord because of a rescue from her Houston trailer park home in the midst of Tropical Storm Allison. Because Woodforest Baptist Church was willing to be the hands of Jesus, Jeanette McCarthy came to know the Lord as her Savior on June 12 when Rob Morris, Woodforest’s worship minister, led her in the believer’s prayer.

Even though her home was not damaged in the initial rain, the rising water in the San Jacinto River led rescuers to bring her and her dog, Gizmo, to the church as a proactive measure.

After “Miss Jeanette” as she came to be known pleaded with Morris and Bob Shirley, youth minister, to take her back to her house so she could save some of her other items, the two ministers discovered upon arrival at her trailer that McCarthy was living in conditions that were not only unsanitary but also unhealthy. It was apparent to both Morris and Shirley that she hadn’t been able to care for herself.

“We were moved beyond belief that anyone could be allowed to live like that, and we felt a deep burden to make sure that she was taken care of properly,” Morris said.

Through Adult Protective Services, Woodforest was able to find out that McCarthy had considerable resources not being used, and she was placed in a retirement home where she could keep her dog, get three hot meals daily and have assistance in maintaining her laundry and apartment.

“The most important thing is that Miss Jeanette is saved and has a home in heaven, but her story has an interesting spiritual parallel,” Morris said. “So many in this world live like paupers instead of tapping into the great resources of the Lord.”
Adams is a writer for the Union Baptist Association in Houston.

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