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Attention marijuana users

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–If you use marijuana, may I kindly make a suggestion: Please stop using it, if only for the next few weeks or months.

It’ll be good for you and, moreover, it will be good for humanity.

Americans’ demand for marijuana and other illicit drugs is the primary cause of the murderous terror being inflicted on the Mexican people and, now, innocent people within our borders. An estimated 7,000 lives have been lost in the horrific war between the Mexican government and ruthless, rampant drug cartels and drug gangs during the last 16 months.

Many of these 7,000 victims were fathers and mothers — not drug gang members. Rivers of tears flowed at their funerals; children are now without the love of a parent.

If you use marijuana or other illicit drugs, you have aided in the carnage. I say this with sorrow, far more than condemnation — sorrow that, even unintentionally, you have blood on your hands. Your payments to drug dealers have provided the funds for criminals to purchase mind-boggling weaponry.

America’s self-absorption with drugs never should cause the loss of even one innocent life.

Many of you likely are good people. So I ask you to consider whether your use of marijuana is worth the bloodshed that stems from the abuse of drugs by you and other Americans? Wouldn’t it be a truly noble act on your part, even as one individual, to forgo your momentary pleasures to save even one life?

Some will argue that marijuana legalization is the answer. Too many Americans, however, still care enough about their country that they don’t want to see it slide into a drug-induced stupor. Besides, if marijuana is legalized, the increase in drug-impaired drivers will spread a new wave of carnage onto the nation’s highways.

You may wonder, What will you do for fun otherwise?

Maybe you might get to know God better. And yourself.

Yes, I’m a Christian. But I once was a person without God. I know new birth may seem weird to those who have never experienced it, but it provides an awesome, supernatural connection to a loving, life-changing God. If you’d like to read more about new birth, click here for one of the articles I’ve written about this wonderful blessing.

If you quit using drugs for a time, it also will be good for your health.

According to a study conducted in New Zealand, published last year in the European Respiratory Journal, marijuana use can lead to lung cancer far more so than cigarette smoking. Researchers reported that one marijuana cigarette can be as harmful to the body as 20 tobacco cigarettes. To read that article, click here.

So, I urge you to help save lives; clear your head so that you can meet God; and improve your health. Quit using drugs for a season. Your heart will have reason to celebrate.
Art Toalston is editor of Baptist Press. If you’re willing to venture into a life without drugs, send an e-mail to [email protected].