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Christian musician discovers new perspective in ministry

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)–Most three-year-olds are just learning to put together sentences. When master of divinity student Amy Nobles was three, she had already learned to play the notes for Jesus Loves Me on the piano. Today her desire to make God known to all people spurs her on to make music that reflects his glory.

Nobles had always known the joy of making music. Two years ago, however, God showed her a new perspective for its purpose. The journey of discovery has been well worth the wait, she said.

In February Nobles released her first full-length CD, To the Ends of the Earth. Each song, she said, is representative of her journey of understanding that worship is about more than “just a me-and-God time.”

“It’s a time that God is going to put my heart and my mind to action to serve Him and be a part of the work he is doing all over the world,” she said.

Although this journey of understanding has occurred over many years, Nobles admitted that God radically changed her perspective during a trip to a country in Central Asia two years ago.

“Missions has deepened my understanding of what worship is,” Nobles said.

Prior to that trip she had never been overseas but agreed to lead a team there. She found herself stripped of all known comforts and faced with a myriad of challenges, she said. What stuck with her was the fact that the people before her had not heard the truth of Jesus Christ.

“It just broke my heart, and the Lord began to really expand my vision of what the church is about, and what worship is about,” Nobles said.

She came home from the trip drastically changed, she said, and God continued to form a new concept of worship in her. Music would be her platform to speak of him and of his passion for the nations.

“From that point on, anytime I worship anywhere, I take that truth to heart and I always speak about what God is doing in the world,” Nobles said.

Now Nobles is also using To the Ends of the Earth to share that message. Each part of the CD, from the cover art to the individual songs, is designed to lead people to think of God’s heart for the nations, she said.

“The CD is just a platform to speak of God’s heart for the nations,” she said.

Nobles wrote or co-wrote four of the tracks on the CD and added an additional verse to Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.

“There’s always going to be a new song to sing because he is new,” Nobles said. “Every part of him is new all the time. It’s just so amazing; our songs will never have to end.”

Nobles also picked favorite songs for the CD that relate to God’s heart for the nations as well as her own pursuit of God. They include Come, Now is the Time to Worship and Be Thou My Vision.

“I’m so thankful God gave us song because often times that’s what disciples or mentors me through the hard times, or even the joyful times,” she said.

Although Nobles would not dare guess the path God will lead her down in the future, her passion continues to flow through the music he gives her, she said.

She has led worship in various settings for 10 years and she is currently the worship leader at Deer Creek Community Fellowship in Crowley, Texas. She also frequently leads worship for women’s conferences.

Whether leading worship through local churches or in another part of the world, Nobles emphasizes that God is “on mission all around us, and as a response to worship, we join him in that mission.”

A copy of To the Ends of the Earth can be purchased through Nobles. She can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]. Booking information is also available through Noble Ministries, 1812 JT Luther #D, Fort Worth, TX 76115, or by calling 817-247-3710 or 979-774-6360.
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