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Directions for preparing family food boxes for Iraq

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–For less than $60, congregations can assemble a box of dry food that will feed a family of five in Iraq for about a month, in an initiative to be launched by the Southern Baptist International Mission Board once peace is restored in the Mideast nation.

Directions for preparing a food box follow:

Use only a U-Haul “small box” product (16 3/8″ x 12 5/8″ x 12 5/8″ = 1.5 cubic feet). Same size boxes will help facilitate both bulk packing and transportation. Begin by lining the box with a large trashcan liner — this will protect the contents and prevent spillage outside the box. Pack the items by quantity list below. Begin by layering the 4 bags of rice on one side of the bottom and the sugar and flour (standing) on the other sides. Next stack the bags of beans and lentils on top of the standing sugar and flour bags. Lastly place the salt, tea and powdered milk (10 – 3.2 oz. envelopes) in the remaining air space. Tie the trashcan liner and securely tape the box (making sure the box has also been securely taped on the bottom). (Total weight will be approximately 68 pounds — box capacity is 70 pounds.) Your “family food box” will help provide food for a family of five for approximately one month.

PLEASE do not place any additional item/literature inside the box. We will be providing state conventions stick-on labels to be placed on the outside of the box (John 1:17 in Arabic).

TIMELINE: Final collection by May 19.

DELIVER the boxes to your state convention disaster relief site by May 21. (Phone your respective state office for additional information.)


Rice-Long Grained 4 – 5 lb. bags $2.50 x 4 bags = $10.00

(not instant rice)

Flour-All Purpose 3 – 5 lb. bags $1.89 x 3 bags = 5.67

Sugar 2 – 5 lb. bags $1.99 x 2 bags = 3.98

White Navy Beans 12 – 1 lb. bags $ .89 x 12 bags = 10.68

Lentils 4 – 1 lb. bags $ .69 x 4 bags = 2.76

Iodized Salt 2 – 26 oz. containers $ .43 x 2 containers = .86

Loose Tea(Lipton) 4 – 1/2 lb. boxes $3.69 x 4 boxes = 14.76

Powdered Milk 10 – 3.2 oz. envelopes $8 for 10 envelopes = 8.00


COST OF BOX $ 1.75

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