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Even before LifeWay Store opens, construction worker finds faith

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP)–While the 96th location in the LifeWay Christian Stores national chain was being built in Birmingham, Ala., a construction worker was led to Christ, thanks in part to the prayers and actions of several LifeWay employees.

Steven Moore, a construction worker involved in the building project, overheard the LifeWay project construction manager Jack Keller and construction superintendent Tom Stevenson discussing a mutual friend who needed Jesus. Moore approached Keller, wanting to know how he, too, could invite Jesus into his heart.

“I was there to simply reap the harvest of what the Holy Spirit had been doing in this man’s life,” Keller recounted.

The two men stepped into a yet-unfinished office space in the new store, where Moore said he “sensed a different atmosphere from other work sites.” At the conclusion of their conversation, he asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior.

Unbeknown to these men, LifeWay store manager Kerri Ledbetter, LifeWay store operations training specialist Kris Seidenkranz and the store’s staff were meeting in a nearby hotel conference center. That morning, prior to their training session, they felt led to pray for the salvation of the workers building the new store. They prayed specifically that Keller would have an opportunity to share the gospel with the workers.

“We didn’t know any of the workers’ names,” Seidenkranz said, “but we felt a burden to lift them up before the Lord. The Holy Spirit was definitely moving at our training site that morning.”

Keller has found the experience good preparation for possible future witnessing opportunities.

“I don’t ever want to walk onto another store site again without being prepared to minister first and foremost,” Keller said. “Shortly before leaving Birmingham, I told Steven Moore that this store will stand as a very tangible reminder of the commitment he made to the Lord that day.”
Tjornehoj is communications and public relations coordinator for the marketing department of LifeWay Christian Stores.

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