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‘Every bit of it’ is inspired, Scribner declares of Scripture

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (BP)–Make a decision “at the outset of your ministry,” Missouri Baptist Convention President Jay Scribner exhorted students at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Feb. 29.

“I encourage you … to come to grips with the fact that this book is the Word of God,” said Scribner, pastor of First Baptist Church, Branson, Mo.

“It is truth from cover to cover. And if you’ll lay that to rest now in your life and ministry, it will help you in every area of your life and ministry in years to come.”

With 2 Timothy 3:16 as the text for his message, Scribner asked how much of the Bible is inspired. “All,” answered members of the audience as they recalled what the verse says.

“That means every bit of it,” declared Scribner. Defining his belief in plenary inspiration as meaning “full, complete, all-encompassed, absolute and unqualified,” Scribner added, “Whatever the Bible says about itself is true.”

Describing debate over the infallibility of the Word of God as “the epitome of pious arrogance,” Scribner compared it to “two corpses at a funeral home debating about the integrity of the undertaker.”

By believing in the personal nature of Scripture, Scribner said, “You cannot come up with a question, problem, scenario, circumstance or situation in any area of life that the Bible does not address in principle and precept. You can’t find it.”

Referring to the profitable nature of Scripture, Scribner said it provides needed absolutes in doctrine and understanding and reproof for what’s right and wrong.

“It’s good for what’s right and how to get right.

“And after you finally get right, how do you stay right?” he asked, answering: through “instruction in righteousness.”

Closing his message by singing “Jesus Loves Me,” Scribner said the lyrics offered “some of the best theology you ever heard in your life.” As the audience joined in singing the chorus, Scribner repeated, “The Bible tells me so.”

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