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Financial freedom’s New Testament boost

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–To help families reduce their financial debt, LifeWay Christian Resources and the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee hope to see a New Testament become a valuable resource. If so, churches will benefit.

The Executive Committee worked with LifeWay’s Holman Bible Outreach International to develop a copy of the New Testament that includes 30 daily devotions written by Crown Financial Ministries to be used by churches with the “It’s a New Day” curriculum series.

It’s a New Day curriculum includes a 10-week Bible study that leads individuals through the biblical principles of money management. Churches that implement a four-week emphasis on financial freedom also may use sermons provided on a DVD that teach foundational principles for handling money God’s way.

“This is more than simply a New Testament,” Phill Burgess, executive director of HBOI, said of HBOI’s New Day New Testament. “This edition contains 30 daily devotions that were developed for every member of a church to use while going through a church-wide, four-week series about giving God complete lordship in our lives, even over our finances.”

Burgess believes the New Day New Testaments encourage a sense of community for those learning about biblical principles of money management.

“With the entire congregation going through the series together, a sense of oneness within the church can be created, like we are all in this together,” Burgess said. “Using the New Day New Testaments during the series is like a tender walk through God’s Word that can lead an entire congregation into a life-changing commitment that will bring peace in their lives.”

Also in support of the It’s a New Day initiative, LifeWay Christian Stores have made available It’s a New Day offering envelopes through their offering envelope service, Ben Stroup, the service coordinator, said Ben Stroup, coordinator of LifeWay Christian Stores’ offering envelope service.

With so many people struggling financially outside the church, Stroup said he believes the New Day program can work as an outreach tool as well. To support evangelistic efforts, LifeWay Christian Stores also developed New Day business cards that churches can personalize and distribute to those outside the church who may struggle financially.

The New Day New Testaments are available by bulk order through LifeWay Christian Stores or through the HBOI website at www.holmanbibleoutreach.com.

Ashley Clayton, the Executive Committee’s associate vice president for stewardship, said the American culture is driven by debt. “We define ourselves by the stuff we have. People in the pews are just as much in debt as people outside of the church. Even pastors and church leaders are not immune,” Clayton said.

“Our goal is to bring liberty and freedom to believers,” Clayton said. “We may never know what an impact we can have on the Kingdom if believers are free to give. When individuals begin exercising good financial discipline personally, it will carry over to good financial discipline in the church.”
Jenny Rice is a writer for LifeWay Christian Resources.

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