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FIRST-PERSON: Behind the desk, in front of the world

PENSACOLA, Fla. (BP) — She’s often the first person to represent your church when guests call or stop by. She (or he) works hard to assist your church’s leaders and members. She may be volunteer, part-time or full-time. Your church may have one or many.

A good administrative assistant significantly impacts your church’s ministry. And her special day is coming.

Administrative Professionals’ Day is Wednesday, April 27. Will you — as an individual or as a church group — bless her in some way? Try one or two of these fresh ideas.

Just pick up the phone, send an email or text, or stop by to express appreciation. Or leave a surprise in her office. Wouldn’t she be delighted to find brewed coffee and a tray of pastries and fruit in her honor? Or helium balloons tied to her chair? Or dozens of “Thank God for Beth!” signs or Post-its around the office?

Need a thoughtful gift idea? Order a personalized study Bible or note cards. Design a T-shirt or trophy to proclaim her the “Best Administrative Assistant” in your town. A good book, bouquet of her favorite flowers, gift card to a good restaurant or nail salon. A desk set, electronic desk gadget, desk plant. A donation in her name for missions. Tickets to her favorite Christian concert, theater or sports event. Or snap a photo of her at work, post it on social media to express thanks, and frame the photo as a gift. Accompany any gift with a sincere note of appreciation.

If the women’s ministry group, ladies’ Bible class or the whole church wants to collaborate, how about:

— Progressive bouquet. Place a beautiful vase as a gift on her desk, with a single flower and a card. Schedule individuals in your group to stop by briefly with one long-stemmed flower from their garden or florist, and express appreciation. Use email or social media to invite others to participate.

— Themed gift basket. Select a theme that fits the administrative assistant, such as teas, books, crosses, fishing. Each person in your group contributes an item for the gift basket.

— One-a-day treat. For each day that week, calendar a different person or group to take her to lunch or bring her a surprise treat.

Or plan a surprise lunch in her honor. Invite church staff, her spouse or close friends, and people she sees regularly at work, such as the postal carrier, custodian or church leaders. She arrives to unexpected applause and “thank you” signs. Take a group photo with everyone saying “thank you” to her in sign language.

As you show honor to God’s servants, you honor God, too. Happy administrative professional’s day, Beth!

Extra note: If you are a businessperson celebrating your administrative assistant’s day, consider giving an extra gift as a Christian witness — a Scripture bookmark, personalized Bible or Christian book.

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