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FIRST-PERSON: One of God’s endangered creatures

McMINNVILLE, Ore. (BP)–While Michael Schiavo’s motives certainly warrant scrutiny, I do not pretend to know why he wants his wife’s feeding tube removed. What I do know is that he should be glad Terri is an innocent human being.

If she were anything else, Mr. Schiavo would be facing the wrath of liberals the world over.

If Terri were some heinous criminal on death row — perhaps a mass murderer — celebrities would hold candlelight vigils outside her prison. Stars of stage and screen would attend fundraisers to assist with legal appeals. Michael would be disparaged as not only devoid of compassion, but also unjust.

However, Terri is an innocent woman suffering from brain damage, so Hollywood’s elite ignore her.

Michael Schiavo had better be thankful that Terri is not a beached whale. If she were, environmentalists would converge from all over the world. They would exhaust countless hours and thousands, if not millions, of dollars in order to rescue her. The “Save Terri” foundation might even be created. Michael would be vilified as callous toward nature.

If Terri were any species of animal and starvation and dehydration were the methods being used to kill her, PETA would be apoplectic. They might even stage an attempt to liberate her. How dare Michael even think of hastening her death in such a cruel and inhumane fashion?

It is also likely that if Michael Schiavo were starving a toy poodle he would be arrested. Courts today take a very dim view of the mistreatment of animals. However, Terri is a brain-damaged human being, so it is okay to allow her to suffer starvation.

If Terri were a Texas blind salamander, a Fresno kangaroo rat, or a Lost River sucker, she would enjoy the protection of the Endangered Species Act. As such not only would Michael have to deal with the irrational indignation of liberals, but he would also feel the wrath of the federal government.

I have no way of knowing why Michael Schiavo wants his disabled wife to starve to death. However, he needs to be thankful that she is an innocent person and not a deranged murderer or an animal of any kind.

If Terri were anything but a brain-damaged human, or an unborn child, she would have more supporters than Michael could count. He would then learn that hell hath no fury like a liberal championing a misguided cause.
Boggs’ column appears each Friday in Baptist Press. He is pastor of Valley Baptist Church in McMinnville, Ore.

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