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FIRST-PERSON: Sorrow in Warsaw

EDITORS’ NOTE: Kaylin Bowers is a missionary in Poland with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

WARSAW, Poland (BP)–There is an overwhelming blanket of grief and sorrow in the city of Warsaw today. As Poland enters a week of mourning for the death of the country’s president, his wife and many government leaders, the people step out in patriotism with solemn hearts.

Every flower shop was brimming with lines out the door on the day of Lech Kaczynski’s death. Crowds of mourners gathered at the president’s palace to lay flowers and light candles — a sight mingled with the sound of prayers while a nation prays and asks for God’s mercy. Couples and families held each other as they stood and cried at the palace. It is heartbreaking to watch the people of Warsaw suffer over this tragic event.

The mix of emotions is varied. Some walk the streets claiming their patriotism; others only know sadness, some seemingly without hope. Yet, even more wonder why these prominent people were on one plane and are just baffled, wondering how anything like this could happen.

When I first heard about the plane crash, it was difficult to know how to react. I was filled with great sorrow for a country that has a history laced with tragedy. Why this? I asked.

I also felt great hope in knowing this would be an opportunity to minister to the community around me. This historic incident is in the thoughts and on the lips of every Pole I know.

We are praying that through this tragedy that hearts might be more open to the truth. We pray that the God of all comfort will pour out His love to these people. Our work continues as we enter into the moments God provides to talk with those we know, share the light of Christ and give a word of comfort where we can.

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