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FIRST-PERSON: The privilege to reproduce

DENVER (BP)–As hundreds of thousands of women marched for reproductive rights in Washington on April 25, the defense for babies was eerily silent.

The only way to give unborn babies a voice is through those who still care about their right to be born. I am one of those who care. On the same day of the march, I was with a young couple having their first child here in Denver. It had been a difficult pregnancy and difficult delivery but in the end Rosemary spoke softly into the baby’s ear, “Amos, little Amos, I am your mother, God gave you to me.”

The Associated Press described the march in Washington as targeting “Bush, like-minded officials in federal and state government and religious conservatives.” Women from an estimated 60 countries took aim at Bush policies that have caused “damage … spreading far beyond U.S. shores.” This “damage” is to organizations that promote and perform abortions throughout the world. I for one am ecstatic to hear that!

Here is another exciting thought: “Advocates said abortion rights are being weakened at the margins through federal and state restrictions and will be at risk of reversal at the core if Bush gets a second term,” the AP reported.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, the House Democratic leader, proclaimed to the crowd, “It is your choice, not the politicians’.” So where exactly does the baby come in?

“Look at the pictures, look at the pictures!” shouted abortion opponents, holding up large posters showing a fetus eight weeks after conception.

““Lies, lies!” unrepentant mothers and future mothers shouted back as they marched for their ability to play God in November’s election. “If this administration continues another four years,” NARAL Pro-choice America representative Kate Michelman declared, “I think American women will lose the right to choose as we know it.”

Whoopi Goldberg, Kathleen Turner, Cybill Shepherd and Ted Turner led the parade. Actress Linda Carter declared, “It is the ultimate intrusion by government to tell a woman when she can have children, if she has them at all.” I guess God’s divine plan for life and His creation will just have to wait. I would put it another way: It is the ultimate intrusion by women to tell God when He can create children, if He wants to at all.

Carter also stated, “There is a religious and moral superiority and arrogance that so many, not all, Republicans have.”

If anybody has any moral superiority — Republican or Democrat — it would be because they take their orders from a different source -– God and the Bible. As far as arrogance goes, marching for the right to kill a baby -– that is arrogance.

The privilege to reproduce, given by God, has been turned into a right for women. A women’s reproductive right gives children no comfort in knowing they were not made in God’s image from love, but from their mothers’ own choice. Therefore what mom says goes, and what God says -– well, who cares?

I support the efforts of those fighting in the front lines for unborn babies -– those future leaders, men and women that America and the world needs. Let us be resolved to wipe away the phrase “women’s reproductive rights” and instead put “women’s God-given privilege” back into the picture.
Michael Romero is pastor of Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana, a Southern Baptist congregation in Denver.

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