Michael Romero

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FIRST-PERSON: Praying for the overturning of Roe

DENVER (BP)--A chance to resurrect the death tolls of abortion has been given to the U.S. Supreme Court. Roe v. Wade has an impeccable reputation as the No. 1 killer in America.

FIRST-PERSON: Worship the right child for the right reason

DENVER (BP)--Christmas is here and the shopping malls are teeming with people. For a moment in time it appears blissful and people seem to care … again. Care about what? Good question, one that I have been pondering.

FIRST-PERSON: The value of a vote

DENVER (BP)--Vote, vote, vote -- you have heard the exhortation innumerable times. You have received campaign calls and mailings relaying pleas for help. And you have seen negative ads on TV that may have left you dismayed.

FIRST-PERSON: The privilege to reproduce

DENVER (BP)--As hundreds of thousands of women marched for reproductive rights in Washington on April 25, the defense for babies was eerily silent.

FIRST-PERSON: The new face of technology

DENVER (BP)--It is a lovely thing to finally see the ROI (Return On Investment) coming full circle in the technology sector. Many people are taking notice of the newest and greatest investment being made by hospitals and pregnancy centers in recent history -- the new GE 4D Ultrasound, which literally is putting a new face on technology.

FIRST-PERSON: Holiday relaxation

DENVER (BP)--It was Jan. 6, 1998, and I was in a hospital room. It wasn't me who was in pain; it was my wife.

FIRST-PERSON: 20,000 Kingdom libertarians

DENVER (BP)--If you want to impact a state for Christ, why not gather 20,000 Christians and move to that state?