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FIRST-PERSON: The new face of technology

DENVER (BP)–It is a lovely thing to finally see the ROI (Return On Investment) coming full circle in the technology sector. Many people are taking notice of the newest and greatest investment being made by hospitals and pregnancy centers in recent history — the new GE 4D Ultrasound, which literally is putting a new face on technology.

Among the new 4D Ultrasound’s capabilities: Showing exciting new images of pre-birth babies alive and well in their mothers’ wombs. One pro-life congressman, Cliff Stearns of Florida, refers to this new technology as a “womb with a view.” Mothers now can view the emerging life inside them in exquisite detail. GE’s new ultrasound even can capture the smiling and crying of a tiny baby.

The official name of this machine is the GE Voluson 730 4D Ultrasound System, which, according to GE’s website, can help physicians and sonographers better analyze fetal development. As one physician describes it, “In the fetus, it may offer benefit in the evaluation of suspected micrognathia, cleft lip and palate, spina bifida, vascular anomalies, and genetic syndromes.”

On a deeper level, most technology doesn’t create the emotion this machine does. One mother-to-be said, “The quality was amazing. I even think I saw him smile. The images made me feel close to my baby. It actually made me cry!”

A second expectant mother said, “We loved the fact that we could see our baby’s profile in 4D. We can’t wait to compare the image with the real thing.”

The 4D Ultrasound “helps sort out complex structures quickly,” another physician said on the GE website. “It efficiently lets me find the common channel in a tortuous hydrosalpinx which will differentiate it from an ovarian mass, or distinguish between dense intrauterine synechiae and a uterine anomaly, for instance.” She said the new technology “solves the riddle for me so that I can solve my patient’s problem. I’m just not as satisfied with ‘one slice at a time’ as I used to be.” You might be (as I am) totally bewildered with this physician’s way of saying it, but it is obvious she sees great potential in the 4D Ultrasound.

A bright future is ahead for GE Medical Systems and even brighter futures for unborn babies. Now mothers will have a chance to see their babies before making decisions that could be fatal. Legislation introduced by Rep. Stearns will assist pregnancy resource centers to acquire this technological wonder that brings unborn children to “life” for young mothers.

Going one step further, not only is there a new face to technology, but you can also touch it! Novint Technologies, Inc. has created the e-Touch system that uses the GE Voluson 730 4D Ultrasound System to scan the images and then allows the parents to “touch” the child’s unborn virtual image through mouse technology using Novint’s PHANTOM technology.

As the face of technology changes to bring new joys to parents and better diagnosis for doctors and patients, we likely may see the face of the abortion industry diminished by the number of sound decisions made daily by pregnant mothers in favor of life! (You can watch the commercial for the 4D online at http://www.gemedicalsystems.com/rad/us/4d/commercial.html.)

Call your representatives in Congress and ask them to support Rep. Stearns’ Informed Choice Act (H.R. 195; the Senate companion bill is S. 340, introduced by Jim Bunning of Kentucky) today and add your face to the crowd of the living who stand for life.
Michael Romero is pastor of Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana, a Southern Baptist congregation in Denver.

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