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‘Focus on God even more,’ Perkins says

WASHINGTON (BP) — American politics needs more of God, not less, a pro-family leader asserted during the three-day Values Voter Summit in Washington.

“It is time to focus on God even more,” said Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council. “The threat today is greater than it was in the cold war.”

Perkins’ comments, voiced in a news conference, came a little more than a week after the Democratic National Convention restored a reference to God in its party platform, which initially failed to include such a mention. He addressed reporters’ questions at the Values Voter Summit, sponsored by FRC and other socially conservative organizations.

During the news conference, Perkins said the election is not just about one issue. Though he is president of a pro-family organization and focuses on such issues as abortion and marriage, Perkins cited the importance of foreign policy in this election. He referred to the recent attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Libya to make his point.

The attacks in Libya must not go unpunished, and people are looking for America to lead in that endeavor, Perkins said. This is an example of the United States’ failed foreign policy, and many people understand that and want it to change, he told reporters.

“We are an economic leader; we are a military leader,” Perkins said. Other countries look to America to help solve the world’s problems, and the United States must once again lead globally, he said.

Perkins also acknowledged many families consider the issues of their mortgages and the economy as the most important parts of the election.

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum focused on the importance of American values. He urged Americans to keep God in the forefront of politics and to hold to traditional family and church involvement. “The basic premise of America and American values will always be sustained through two institutions, the church and the family,” Santorum told participants.

Abortion was also a key topic at the Values Voter Summit, with Lila Rose, pro-life activist and president of Live Action, addressing the importance of protecting the weakest in the country.

“We believe in an America that protects and respects every human life, we believe in an America where the weakest and the most innocent among us should be protected, should be cared for,” Rose said.

Rose described her experiences doing undercover work inside Planned Parenthood clinics. Her work has shed light on various practices at Planned Parenthood centers, including support for sex-selective abortions.

In addition, Live Action’s hidden camera investigations have shown Planned Parenthood employees demonstrating a willingness to assist self-professed sex traffickers whose prostitutes are in their early teens.

She accused the Obama administration of pushing an increasingly extreme abortion agenda. She pointed to Obama’s four votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act when he was in the Illinois Senate.

Despite her opposition to the current administration’s policies, Rose is optimistic when Americans see the facts they will begin voting accordingly and turn America around.

“I believe that we are going to see that day again soon when every life is respected and protected in this nation, and it’s up to the people, like the people here in this room, to take on the call and say we can do this together. We are under a just God and we can prevail,” Rose said.

In addition to Family Research Council, other sponsors of the Sept. 14-16 event were FRC Action, American Family Association Action, American Values, Heritage Foundation, Liberty University and Liberty Counsel.
Anne Reiner is an intern with the Washington bureau of Baptist Press.
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