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Former Boy Scout staffer accused of molestation

WASHINGTON (BP)–Police have charged a 34-year-old California man with sexually molesting seven teenage Boy Scouts with whom he came in contact over the past three years as a staff administrator at a Scout camp.

Glenn Jordan was arrested at his home in a San Diego suburb during the week of Aug. 21 and charged with 33 counts of child molesting, according to the Internet news site CNSNews.com. He is currently being held in the San Diego Central Jail in lieu of $1 million bail.

Jordan is charged with lewd acts ranging from sex with a foreign object to sodomy. Authorities said the investigation is continuing, and they expect more charges to be filed against Jordan.

Prosecutors said the allegations involve seven boys who were scouts and worked as staff members at the Mataguay Scout Reservation, a camp located 50 miles east of San Diego and operated by the Desert Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Jordan was a full-time administrative employee whose duties included setting up programs for Scout troops that came to the camp, typically for weeklong stays, a spokesman for the Desert Pacific Council told CNSNews.com.

The young men Jordan came in contact with were older scouts who were working for the camp on an off-season basis, the spokesman said.

Detectives from the sheriff’s child abuse unit began the investigation in June after an alleged victim told his parents about the allegations. Other victims then decided to come forward with more allegations, Police Sergeant M’Liss Hinshaw told CNSNews.com.

The Boy Scouts’ spokesman said Jordan received stellar reviews from people who monitored him as a scout and by people who rated him when he supervised the seasonal camp staff.

Jordan joined the Scouts at age 11 and worked himself into a position of influence and power, and the allegations are that he used that position to violate the trust of young people, the spokesman said.

“[Molestation] is a problem that happens in the school grounds with teachers, in the sports field with Little League coaches, in the church with church leaders, even in homes. You’ll have an uncle or family friend who you’ll come to love and trust who will violate that trust, and it has nothing to do with gender,” the spokesman said.

The Desert Pacific Council has had meetings with the parents and the staff members who potentially could have been involved in the incidents.

“We’ve had a tremendous amount of support given to those folks. As you can well imagine, there’s a wide range of emotions. It would be wrong for me to characterize what any one parent is feeling, but from our side, we’re feeling both anger and sorrow,” he said.

“Our sorrow goes to the kids and the families who’ve had to struggle with this,” the spokesman added. “Where we are now is figuring out what to do to make things right with these kids and help them to get whole, so we provided counselors to the staff throughout the summer. Anybody who’s been identified as a victim has been provided counseling as well, and we will do whatever is necessary to help these young people work through this problem just like they would work through any other problem in their lives.”

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma City, a former Boy Scout troop leader was sentenced to 200 years in prison Aug. 25 after he admitted having sex with five boys under the age of 14. Robert Malcomb Jr., 35, pleaded guilty to 61 of 107 charges against him, and prosecutors said they planned to introduce evidence of even more victims.

Malcomb pleaded guilty to multiple counts of rape, forcible oral sodomy, lewd acts with children and one count of bestiality over a three-year period from 1994-97. Before his arrest in 1997, Malcomb had been a Boy Scout leader for a troop of 12 scouts that met at Putnam City Central Middle School.

“Obviously the Scouts have a problem with homosexual pedophiles,” said Peter LaBarbera, director of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. “My question is, ‘Why isn’t the media interested in that story?’ They’re all interested in promoting the attacks on the Boy Scouts as a ‘discriminatory organization,’ but they show no interest in this ongoing problem of pedophilia and deviant behavior by homosexual Scout leaders.

“The media war on the Boy Scouts has gone way too far,” LaBarbera added, “and people are starting to resent the media for this. I don’t detect a groundswell of concern from parents who really wish they could have a homosexual in their troop.”
Morahan is a CNS senior staff writer at CNSNews.com. Used by permission.

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