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Corporate ‘gender identity’ policies: HRC celebrates, family groups wince

WASHINGTON (BP)--Many U.S. corporations that already have homosexual-friendly policies in place in their employee hiring and retention practices now have achieved a perfect score by adding "gender identity" to their non-discrimination policies, a leading homosexual advocacy organization said Aug. 13, CNSNews.com reported.

White House reverses dismissal of pro-abstinence AIDS official

WASHINGTON (BP)--In a move that was welcomed by conservatives and family groups, the Bush administration July 19 reversed a decision to fire the executive director of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, CNSNews.com reported July 23.

Big Brothers Big Sisters open to homosexual mentors

WASHINGTON (BP)--The national youth mentoring organization Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has implemented a policy that bans discrimination against open homosexuals as volunteers and mentors of children at its 500 affiliates around the United States, CNSNews.com reported July 18.

Congressman to target benefits for domestic partners in D.C.

WASHINGTON (BP)--A Republican congressman is looking at ways to overturn a law that grants marriage benefits to the domestic partners of District of Columbia employees, a measure that conservatives said was voted on soon after Sept. 11 by lawmakers unaware of provisions in the bill that undermine traditional families, CNSNews.com reported July 15.

Pedophilia to be next result of sexual permissiveness, prof says

WASHINGTON (BP)--A trend toward normalizing pedophilia is the latest manifestation of a dangerous understanding of human sexuality that has become more prevalent over the last 30 years.

CBS’ Dan Rather ‘duped’ in report on Sudanese slavery, critics say

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Freeing Sudan's slaves
Catholic bishop Macram Max Gassis in Sudan credits Christian Solidarity International for securing "children's freedom ... after Islamic militia attacked their villages in southern Sudan. The children deserve all our efforts to free them from slavery."
      WASHINGTON (BP)--A coalition of civil rights groups calling for an end to slavery in Sudan has challenged a recent CBS News report that questioned the effectiveness and authenticity of slave redemptions in the Muslim-governed country, CNSNews.com reported May 30.
A "60 Minutes II" report May 15 hosted by news anchor Dan Rather was incomplete at best, they said.
      "It was disappointing that whoever wrote the story never even cared to indicate whether CBS acknowledges the very existence of slavery," said Abdon Agaw Nhial, vice president of the Sudanese Human Rights Organization, in a letter to the show's producer.

‘Safe Schools Campaign’ called front for promoting homosexuality

WASHINGTON (BP)--Homosexual activism in schools now includes efforts to re-educate schoolchildren into accepting, advocating and experimenting in homosexual behavior, a coalition of family groups at a Capitol Hill seminar May 6.

Rosie O’Donnell opens push for homosexual adoptions

WASHINGTON (BP)--When talk-show host and activist Rosie O'Donnell declares her homosexuality publicly for the first time on March 14's "Primetime," she will use the occasion to push for the abolition of laws that prevent homosexuals from adopting children in Florida.

Sudan Peace Act seen at odds with oil interests, diplomacy

WASHINGTON (BP)--A measure which would bar oil companies that do business in Sudan from being listed on U.S. stock exchanges has stalled in the Senate, according to CNSNews.com. The bill has become the target of political and economic interests who are putting improved diplomatic relations with the Islamic regime in Khartoum ahead of efforts to end the civil war, activists who have been raising the issue said.

Bush appoints Tom Coburn co-chair of AIDS council

WASHINGTON (BP)--Family groups welcomed reports Jan. 24 that President Bush has appointed former Republican Rep. Tom Coburn from Oklahoma to co-chair the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, CNSNews.com reported Jan. 25.