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FROM THE SEMINARIES: MBTS convocation, faculty change

Allen addresses centrality of the cross in MBTS convocation

By Brett Fredenberg/MBTS

KANSAS CITY, Mo – President Jason Allen opened Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s fall semester with a Convocation message titled, “We Preach Christ.” The service took place in the Daniel Lee Chapel Aug. 30.

In addition to hearing from Allen, the Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College community welcomed six new trustees and three newly elected faculty members to the institution during the service.

Beginning the service, Allen reflected on the importance of convocation, saying, “Convocation is always a day of promise. There is a formality to this day because there is a formality to our service. There is a gravity to this day because there is a gravity to our work.

“As we gather this morning as a seminary, we look forward to the dawning of a new academic year reflecting on our past and on our future to give us renewed awareness of the promises of God.

“We reflect on our past, both distant and recent, and are strengthened by the clear sign of God’s faithfulness, grace and kindness. We look forward to our future with hopefulness as we have every reason to be hopeful with this new academic year – historic enrollment, abundant financial provision, an accomplished faculty, dedicated students, and the ever-present promise that Christ is building His Church.”

Allen reminded attendees, “To whom much is given, much is expected. Convocation signifies for us a coming together to dedicate ourselves anew to the Lord to seek His favor, protection, and blessing – and it is an act of consecration.”

Allen then preached from 1 Corinthians 1:18-31, addressing four main reasons why the cross must be central to the life and ministry of every student, faculty member and staff member at Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College.

“We are a people of the cross because the cross is the sinner’s only hope,” Allen said. He went on to share that the preaching of Christ also fortifies conviction.

“God has called us to be a people of faithfulness, to be men and women of conviction,” he said. “We are called to maintain a public witness of Christian truth when there are issues of life and death, gender, complementarity, biblical inspiration and inerrancy; and we hold to these truths joyfully, courageously, and convictionally.”

Challenging attendees, Allen said, “The quicker you get to a place of inner equanimity, where you are sturdy enough in your own Gospel beliefs that rejection doesn’t unnerve you, you will be healthy.”

He encouraged attendees with one final reason to preach Christ, “We preach Christ so that He receives the glory, and our boast remains in Him alone.”

Allen closed his message with a reminder, “We begin this new academic year as men and women of faith – not as a perfect people, but as a redeemed people. We do so trusting God to continue to grow us, build us up, lead us, and sustain us this academic year.”

To view the entire convocation address, visit mbts.edu/events/chapel

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Jared Bumpers transitions to new role at MBTS

By Brett Fredenberg/MBTS

KANSAS CITY, Mo (BP) – Midwestern Seminary has announced that Jared Bumpers will transition to full-time faculty as assistant professor of preaching and evangelism on Oct. 1.

Additionally, Bumpers will serve as For the Church Cohort faculty coordinator and cohost the “Preaching and Preachers” podcast with seminary president Jason Allen.

“Jared Bumpers is a rising star,” Allen said. “He’s a gifted preacher, teacher, and scholar. He’s a devoted churchman who well embodies Midwestern Seminary’s for the church vision.”

Allen went on to say, “Jared has distinguished himself in his current roles at Midwestern Seminary. Thus, this is a natural and well-earned promotion. I’m delighted more students will enjoy him in the classroom, that he’ll oversee our For the Church Cohorts, and I’m especially delighted he’ll join me in co-hosting responsibilities for my Preaching & Preachers podcast.”

Bumpers first joined Midwestern Seminary in 2017 as director of student life and events and part-time assistant professor of preaching and evangelism.

In his role, he strengthened and further developed the Student Leadership Program at the seminary and college, interacting with and investing in student leaders on a weekly basis.

“The Student Leadership Program is a huge part of Student Life and Events,” Bumpers said, reflecting on his time in the program. “Some of our best students participate in the program, and I will miss developing these student leaders.”

Bumpers also coordinated conferences and events for ministry leaders during his time in student life and events, including the annual FTC National Conference on Midwestern Seminary’s campus.

“Over the past five years Dr. Bumpers has done a tremendous job in Student Life and Events,” said Midwestern Seminary Senior Vice President of Institutional Relations Charles Smith. “He and his team have enriched our conferences and student life in every conceivable way.”

Smith continued, “Literally thousands of ministry leaders and students have been encouraged and equipped through their ministry. What’s even more impressive to me is the dozens of students he personally disciples every year. I’m thrilled to know that even more students will now be blessed through his ministry.”

Reflecting on his upcoming transition, Bumpers said, “I have enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had as director of Student Life and Events, but I am eager to press into my teaching role and help train students to preach Christ from all of Scripture.”

In addition to his full-time teaching responsibilities, Bumpers will cohost the Preaching and Preachers podcast with Allen. As cohost, he will interview various guests on the topics of preaching and pastoral ministry, giving specific insight on homiletical, exegetical, and pastoral issues.

“I’m looking forward to co-hosting the Preaching and Preachers podcast with Dr. Allen,” Bumpers said. “The podcast is a great resource for pastors and preachers, and I’m excited to join Dr. Allen to discuss one of my biggest passions: preaching the Word of God to the people of God.”

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