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Iorg: ‘Use truth appropriately’

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (BP)–While many people in today’s world do not accept the reality of absolute truth, an even greater danger is posed by those who abuse truth, Jeff Iorg told faculty and students of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary during the spring convocation.

“There are those who accept the reality of absolute truth and those who don’t,” said Iorg, Golden Gate’s president since 2004. “But a greater problem among those of us who accept the Bible as absolute truth, are some who distort or misuse truth in inappropriate ways.”

Speaking from 1 Timothy 1, Iorg challenged students to use truth appropriately. “So many people misuse truth to serve their own purposes,” he said. “The focus should always be on God’s redemptive plan and power of truth to change lives.”

Used appropriately, truth will always magnify God’s redemptive plan, produce converts and transform character, Iorg added.

“Sound doctrine changes your motives and helps love become the driving force of your life,” he said. “And when that happens, it will impact your thoughts, shape your choices and determine your values.”

Iorg encouraged members of the seminary community to take up the challenge and responsibility of being transformed by truth. “As you encounter truth, may you be one of those who focuses on God’s redemptive plan, experiences conversion, shares truth so others might be converted and have your character transformed over a lifetime,” he said.

The seminary welcomed 68 new students to its five campuses for the spring semester, bringing total enrollment for this academic year to approximately 1,520. Final enrollment figures will be available in March.

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary is a Cooperative Program ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention and operates five campuses in Northern California, Southern California, Pacific Northwest, Arizona and Colorado.
Phyllis Evans is Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary’s director of communications.

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