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LifeWay’s Church Stewardship helping small churches raise capital funds

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Capital fund-raising help for smaller churches is now available from Church Stewardship Services at LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“Bridge To Tomorrow” is designed for churches averaging 125 persons or fewer in Sunday school or worship attendance.

“Thousands of evangelical churches are growing beyond their physical plant capacity, and many other new congregations are ready to build for the first time,” said Gary Aylor, director of Church Stewardship Services. “They have a real need to construct or remodel to realize their mission goals, yet they need a resource they can conduct on their own.

“In most cases, for churches of this size,” he continued, “outside assistance is either too costly or is impractical because of the church’s location.”

Developed as a CD-ROM, Bridge To Tomorrow offers step-by-step instructions for conducting a successful capital fund-raising program, allowing users to review program steps sequentially for study prior to implementation. Included are all the materials needed to conduct the program, including a multimedia presentation that introduces the user to the process, a campaign plan, communications helps and specially designed Sunday school lessons to use during the communication phase of the campaign. All documents can be printed from the disk.

Aylor said even without prior capital fund-raising experience, “church staff and lay leaders can carry out a program with confidence because the programmed instruction has been tested and proven successful. Each step in the process is designed to assist in achieving the program objectives.”

Aylor said the campaign is based on a biblical foundation, with each principle supported by a corresponding model in Scripture.

“And Bridge To Tomorrow is a people program,” Aylor said. “Virtually every member of the church family is allowed to become a vital part of the church’s desire to fulfill its ministry vision. This is a wonderful method for growing leaders, building stewards and strengthening participation by involving the entire congregation in the church’s ministry goals.”

The Bridge To Tomorrow CD-ROM may be used on either PC or Macintosh equipment. System requirements for Windows application are Windows 95/98/2000, Pentium Processor (233MHz or higher), 64 MB RAM and 6x CD-ROM Drive, Audio Capable. Macintosh requirements are Mac OS 8.5 or higher, Power PC processor, 64 MB RAM and 6x CD-ROM. QuickTime 3.0 and Adobe Acrobat 3.0 are included on the CD-ROM.

Bridge To Tomorrow is available only by calling (615) 251-2802. Introductory information may be viewed at www.lifeway.com/stewardship/twb.
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