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‘Living Proof Live’: 10 years, 100 events

BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (BP)–Beth Moore’s trip across four New England states this fall wasn’t just a time to look at the breathtakingly beautiful leaves. It was a time to celebrate some God-sized ministry milestones.

Moore and LifeWay Christian Resources have worked together 10 years on “Living Proof Live” conferences, culminating with the Oct. 17 sessions in Bloomfield, Conn., as the 100th event and the 50th state. In the 10 years, Living Proof Live events and simulcasts have reached 800,000 women.

The tour, labeled “New England Nights,” began Oct. 13 in Essex Junction, Vt., and included Durham, N.H., and Newark, Del.

Moore, an author and Bible teacher from Houston, said she never anticipated reaching such milestones at the first Living Proof Life conference 10 years ago: “Never, not in a million years.”

She and worship leader Travis Cottrell agreed they spend their time focusing on the next event rather than looking too far ahead.

“I can’t say that we cast a great vision because from the very beginning we were too busy with the event in front of us,” Cottrell said.

The New England tour touched hearts in each location. In Vermont, volunteer hospitality coordinator Brenda Randolph said they were thrilled to have such Christian fellowship. “We never have so many women together for a Bible study,” Randolph said. “It just doesn’t happen. It’s wonderful.”

The biggest surprise for the LifeWay team came in Delaware. During the planning time, they assumed it would be the smallest venue, perhaps drawing 1,000 women. The surprise was that 4,900 came.

“That just blew us away,” Moore said.

In each setting, women worshipped, prayed and immersed themselves in Moore’s teaching time, followed by a time for the attendees to gather at the front to pray with their sisters in Christ.

“In the last 10 years we have lived us some life,” Moore told LifeWay’s Living Proof Live team. “The Apostle Paul tells us to live life straight out, face to face, chin turned heavenward with the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Moore and LifeWay have planned 11 Living Proof Live events for 2009, including an Aug. 28-29 simulcast from Green Bay, Wis.
Polly House is a corporate communications specialist with LifeWay Christian Resources. For a list of dates and locations for 2009 Living Proof Live events, go to www.lifeway.com/bethmoore. To read blogs from the New England tour, go to www.lifeway.com/newsblog and http://livingproofministries.blogspot.com.

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