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Missions workers encourage prayers for Mideast’s Druze

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–The Druze have not been given a chance to hear the gospel, according to missions workers. Recently this has begun to change. Prayer is encouraged that the Druze not only will hear, but understand and respond positively to the call of Christ in their lives.

Prayer concerns as listed by missions workers include:

— The Druze of Israel are a recognized ethnic minority of 100,000 individuals. Pray they will tune into gospel television and radio broadcasts in their Arabic language so that they will begin to understand the good news of Jesus Christ.

— The largest population of Druze may be in Lebanon. Pray for the two young church plants among the Druze of Lebanon. Pray that many Druze will come to know Christ and follow him in discipleship. Pray for the believing witnesses there. Pray that God will open doors for the Druze of Syria to receive free witness of the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray for the scattered Druze who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord. Pray that the first Druze church in Syria will be born.

— The Druze of Israel are a privileged minority because, unlike other minorities, their young men serve in the army on the same basis as Jewish young men. In the army they are exposed to a much wider world beyond their villages. Pray this will make them more open to hear the gospel of Christ.

— The Druze are not taught their religion’s deeper concepts until well past their youth. Pray that Druze youth will find Christ to fill the void in their lives.

— Pray that God will raise up teams from the United States to distribute the “Jesus” film throughout the Middle East during the year 2000.

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