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Mr. Owl & Disciple Dan explain Christianity to young believers

OKLAHOMA CITY (BP)–It talks about “the big boo-boo,” the life of Jesus, becoming a Christian and how sin causes sadness.
It is a textbook, a coloring book and a workbook designed for children ages 4-12.
“Answers for New Christians,” is a Bible resource book developed by Robin Khoury, a member of Northwest Baptist Church, Oklahoma City.
“In 1987, I began teaching children who had come forward for baptism at Northwest,” Khoury recounted. “I began looking for curriculum, but wasn’t happy with the choices.”
With encouragement from the church children’s director, Khoury started writing her own curriculum.
“I started writing little lessons and scratching out stick figure drawings,” she said. “The kids loved these lessons, so I kept doing them even though I was embarrassed by the drawings.”
Finally, she said, the church printed some of the lesson books so she wouldn’t have to keep drawing new lessons every week.
“Meanwhile, I was still learning which lessons worked and which didn’t,” she said. “Parents began to stop me in the hallways at church and thank me for the in-depth understanding their children had after only a few weeks in class. This led to an ongoing Sunday school class especially for new Christian kids.”
Many children, noted Khoury, grow up without a complete understanding of their faith, but this book is designed to help adults explain Christianity to children.
Answers for New Christians, written in language children understand, explains some of the abstract parts of the Christian faith that are often ignored in traditional Sunday school curricula for children, Khoury said.
The book covers original sin, the concept of sacrifice, the substitutionary death of Christ, the meaning of repentance, baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Also in the book are chapters on how the world began, who Jesus is and why he died, how to become a Christian, how to grow as a Christian, why we believe the Bible and why we go to church.
In its 64 pages are 25 short and simple explanations of each story, with 34 pages to color.
Leading readers through the book are Mr. Owl, who reveals a puzzle scattered throughout the pages, and Disciple Dan who introduces BIC (Baby in Christ) and helps the baby grow.
The pages to be colored have Bible verses, with a word missing for readers to complete.
At the end of the book are study questions, as well as quiet time worksheets, and a “Who is a Christian?” test.
The book was illustrated by Oklahoma City artist Stuart Corley and dedicated to the late Connie Record, who served as children’s director at Northwest.
“This book has been a 10-year effort,” Khoury said. The final chapter in the epic, she said, was when her husband, E.J., handed her a stack of money he had been saving for a trip to visit his family in Israel, telling her he wanted her to print the book.
“There’s no wonder the truck driver who delivered the first load of books thought he was the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol when he showed up at my door,” she laughed.
“We videotaped him letting down the pallet and rolling the load up the driveway. I opened a box and autographed him a book. I don’t think he was accustomed to people being so excited about their deliveries.”
In addition to Sunday school curriculum, the book can be used for home schooling, which Khoury is doing with her two sons, Chad and Eli.
“There is no greater responsibility in the church than giving precious children a clear understanding of the meaning of the salvation experience and baptism,” said Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma executive director Anthony Jordan, former pastor at Northwest. “These books provides excellent materials to help lay a solid base for children beginning their spiritual journey. We used them when I was at Northwest. They are the finest tools we found to begin the discipling process with children.”
Inquiries about Answers for New Christians can be made by phoning (405) 946-3413.

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