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Music leads team to celebration on prayer journey’s final day

BEIJING (BP)–Prayerwalkers on a 12-day journey to intercede for an unreached people group in East Asia found a special blessing awaiting them on the last night of their December journey.

“It was our last night in the area, and we had yet to meet a Christian,” the team leader recounted. “We had walked all over the neighborhoods, had a day on the lake, explored by bike, and now I was journaling in bed after a 15-mile trek over several mountains.”

Then in the distance she and other team members heard loud gongs and strains of music representative of the people group for whom they had been praying.

“My partners and I got up to investigate. Throwing jackets over nightclothes, we left the gate to our inn and followed the music,” the team leader continued.

As they found the music makers, they realized the special gift God had for them that evening. “God wanted us to know that he did have followers here! Twenty-five or so young people were singing Christmas carols.”

The team quickly let the believers know that they too were Christians. Then they joined in the singing.

“When have I ever had so much fun?” the team leader rejoiced. “We sang for fellow church members. We sang for government leaders and their neighbors, for school administrators, and on and on. We were so caught up with the joy. I learned that the church was made up of at least seven different people groups, all meeting together to worship God, and that their joy was contagious.”

The prayerwalkers, having entered the area to pray for the unreached people group, departed with the joy of knowing that God had preceded them and was being glorified through the praises of local Christians.

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