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Pastor’s Conference

Until He Comes . . . Go!

Southern Baptist Convention
Pastors’ Conference 2001
New Orleans, Louisiana

Session I, June 10, 2001

Worship music for this session provided by the music ministries of Kirby Woods Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee — Johnny Coggin, director, and First Baptist Church, Tillman’s Corner, Mobile, Alabama — Wes Dykes, director.

5:40 PM Pre-session Praise

6:00 PM Welcome: Jerry Spencer, President, Pastors’ Conference 2001

Prayer: Bill Merrell, Executive Committee, Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, Tennessee

6:10 PM Praise: Eddie Middleton, Soloist, Atlanta, Georgia

Go Quickly!

6:15 PM Message: Frank Cox, Pastor, North Metro First Baptist Church, Lawrenceville, Georgia

6:45 PM Praise: Denny Dawson, Franklin, Tennessee

Go Joyfully!

7:00 PM Message: Bob Pitman, Pastor, Kirby Woods Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee

7:30 PM Praise: Combined Choirs with Paul Jackson, Soloist, Little Rock, Arkansas

Go Together!

7:45 PM Message: Rick Gage, Evangelist, Atlanta, Georgia

8:15 PM SBC President’s Welcome: James Merritt, President, Southern Baptist Convention

8:20 PM Prayer/Offering: Ronnie Floyd, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Springdale, Arkansas, President, Pastors’ Conference 1997

8:30 PM Praise: Les Snyder and Sons of The Father, Music Evangelists, West Frankfort, Illinois

Go with Vision!

8:35 PM Message: Jerry Falwell, Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia

9:05 PM Prayer: Jim Wells, Director of Missions, Tri-County Baptist Association, Highlandville, Missouri

9:10 PM Praise

Session II, June 11, 2001

Worship music for this session provided by the music ministries of Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Dothan, Alabama — Tim Willis, director, and Hillcrest Baptist Church, Anniston, Alabama — David Gilmore, director.

8:10 AM Pre-session Praise

8:35 AM Welcome: Darrell Orman, Vice President, Pastors’ Conference 2001
Prayer: Ray Jones, Pastor, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Dothan, Alabama

8:45 AM Praise

Go Lovingly!

8:55 AM Message: Randall Jones, Pastor, Langston Baptist Church, Conway, South Carolina

9:25 AM Praise: Susan Cherry, Soloist, Southaven, Mississippi

Go . . . and Keep on Going!

9:30 AM Message: Bobby Moore, Pastor, Broadway Baptist Church, Southaven, Mississippi

10:00 AM Praise

10:05 AM Prayer/Offering: Johnny Hunt, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia, President, Pastors Conference 1996

Session II, Monday, June 11, 2001

Go Ministering!

10:20 AM Message: Charles Roesel, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Leesburg, Florida

10:50 AM Praise: Tim Willis, soloist, Dothan, Alabama

Go Boldly!

10:55 AM Message: Dan Spencer, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Thomasville, Georgia

11:25 AM Prayer: Eddie Pate, IMB Strategy Associate, North Africa and Middle East

11:30 AM Praise

Session III, June 11, 2001

Worship music for this session provided by the music ministries of First Baptist Church, Ocala, Florida — Terry Williams, director, and Spring Baptist Church, Spring, Texas — Bobby Martin, director.

1:00 PM Pre-session Praise

1:15 PM Welcome: Bob Parker, Secretary, Pastors’ Conference 2001

1:20 PM Praise

Go with Authority!

1:25 PM Message: Philip Robertson, Pastor, Philadelphia Baptist Church, Deville, Louisiana

1:55 PM Praise: Bobby Martin, Soloist, Spring, Texas; Terry Williams, Director, Ocala, Florida

Go in Power!

2:05 PM Message: Ken Whitten, Pastor, Idlewild Baptist Church, Tampa, Florida

2:35 PM Prayer/Offering: Jerry Sutton, Pastor, Two Rivers Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee, President, Pastors’ Conference 2000

2:45 PM Election of Officers

3:00 PM Praise: Danny Wolfe, Concert Artist, Huntsville, Alabama

Go Courageously!

3:05 PM Message: Ernest Easley, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Odessa, Texas

Session III, Monday, June 11, 2001

3:35 PM Praise

Go Hopefully!

3:40 PM Message: Phil Hoskins, Pastor, Higher Ground Baptist Church, Kingsport, Tennessee

4:10 PM Prayer: Chuck Shirley, Kingsport, Tennessee

4:15 PM Praise

Session IV, June 11, 2001

Worship music for this session provided by the music ministries of Morningside Baptist Church, Valdosta, Georgia — David Tew, director, and Second Baptist Church, Warner Robins, Georgia — Gary Morton, director.

5:30 PM Pre-session Praise

6:00 PM Welcome: Jerry Spencer, President, Pastors’ Conference 2001

6:10 PM Prayer: Robin Hadaway, IMB Regional Leader, Eastern South America

Go Passionately!

6:15 PM Message: Sam Cathey, Evangelist, Edmond, Oklahoma

6:45 PM Praise

6:50 PM Introduction of New Pastors’ Conference Officers for 2002

6:55 PM Praise: Jim Bob Griffin, Music Evangelist, Rusk, Texas

Go in FAITH!

7:00 PM Message: Bobby Welch, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, Florida

7:30 PM A Celebration of FAITH

8:00 PM Prayer/Offertory: Michael Hamlet, Pastor, First Baptist Church, North Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina, President, Pastors’ Conference 1999

8:05 PM Praise: Combined Choirs; Jack Price, Soloist, McKenzie, Texas

Session IV, Monday, June 11, 2001

Go with the Gospel!

8:15 PM Message: Bailey Smith, Evangelist, Atlanta, Georgia

8:45 PM Prayer: Josh Smith, Student, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, North Carolina

9:00 PM Praises

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