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Pastors sign letter urging Democrats to adopt pro-life stance

More than 100 Christian leaders signed a letter sent July 24 to the Democratic National Committee calling for the organization to shed “abortion extremism” and embrace pro-life policies.

The group urged the political party’s platform committee to “recognize the inviolable human dignity of the child,” citing theological, scientific and political reasons.

At least two Southern Baptist pastors were among the signers: S. Carter McNeese, pastor of First Baptist Church in Fairmont, N.C., and D.A. Horton, pastor of Reach Fellowship in Los Angeles, Calif., professor at California Baptist University and doctoral student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

McNeese told the Biblical Recorder that although he is not registered as a Democrat and does not support the party’s full platform, the majority of the residents in his community are registered Democrats and he felt it was important to take the opportunity to speak up about pro-life issues.

“Anytime we have the opportunity to speak up and advocate for the most vulnerable among us, we need to do that,” he said.

The list of signers also included well-known Christian leaders such as activist Shane Claiborne, Baylor University professor George Yancey and the executive leadership team at Transformation Church in South Carolina.

“The Christian faith invites us to play a particular role in moving the conscience of the American people to end unjust discrimination against certain classes of people, as in previous civil rights movements,” the letter said.

“Some of us are registered Democrats and some of us are not, but we appreciate the Democratic Party’s stated commitment to human rights, equality, and fairness. Accordingly, we urge the Democratic Party to embrace policies that protect both women and children: legal protection for pre-born children, improved prenatal care for women in need, especially women of color, alternatives to abortion, and a comprehensive culture of life free from violence, poverty and racism.”

The letter was organized by pro-life advocacy group Democrats for Life.