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Pats chaplain devises spiritual game plan

EDITOR’S NOTE: Art Stricklin, a sports correspondent for Baptist Press and director of ministry relations for Marketplace Ministries in Dallas, is reporting daily from Phoenix with exclusive coverage for BP readers about the spiritual side of Super Bowl XLII.

PHOENIX (BP)–For all the talk of the New England Patriots’ perfection so far this season, team chaplain Don Davis and a handful of Christian Patriots players envisioned a more perfect plan before the year started.

“We wanted to make sure that everybody on the team would be asked or told about Christ this year,” Davis said. “To the glory of God, we wanted to declare Christ to everybody on the team.”

With about a half-dozen players, Davis set up a game plan that might rival of any of those that have led the team to a record 18 straight wins this year and a Super Bowl contest with the New York Giants on Sunday.

“First, talk to your locker mate,” Davis said, recapping the plan. “Then go find all the guys who play the same position you do. After that, look for guys who are loners on the team, guys who don’t hang with anybody and tell them.”

With the season coming to a close, Davis said they have nearly reached the goal of telling the entire team about God’s love.

“We are making sure everybody has been asked or been told about Christ. It’s a goal which will bear fruit for many years to come,” Davis said.

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